Thursday, September 08, 2005

No Blogging...

Yet another long period of time goes by with no blogging.

Work has been picking up for me in the past couple of weeks, getting busier and busier with more projects falling my way. It seems that even projects that are assigned to other people are falling into my lap. It's all good, I need to be busy at work, but it's also beginning to get a little crazy. And now, today's development: I received a voice mail this morning that apparently everyone on our help desk is out today. So now, in addition to all this project work I have to do, I also have to check for, and respond to, help desk messages. I've already fielded one call about this old mainframe system that I haven't worked on in probably 10 years. Sheesh!

Let's see, what else is new? I have a friend coming to visit this weekend (and into next week) who is going to help me paint my apartment. I'm not really looking forward to the work and the PITA of physically painting and dealing with it all in a small apartment (while trying to live on top of it all), but it otherwise should be fun. I want to make sure we leave enough time to take her around and enjoy NYC somewhat -- she's never been here before.

On a related note, Carolina ran into the president of my co-op board recently and she was telling her how one bedroom apartments in my building are now going for around 240K. Yikes! I live in a studio and have been wondering how much mine is worth lately, I know the people above me got 140K for theirs this past Spring. I paid something like 65K for mine and now have about 48K left on my mortgage. Which means that theoretically I could walk away with around 100K if I were to sell and leave the area. It seems just inconceivable to me, but that just illustrates the state of the real estate market in NYC right now. Great if you want to take the money and run, leaving the area. But if you're looking to live here, you had better be ready to spend some money. Anyway, $100,000 would sure go a long way towards paying off my debt, buying a car and providing a down payment on something in another state somewhere (or being invested somewhere in a retirement plan, or whatever). As much as I complain about Queens, buying this apartment was probably the smartest financial decision I've ever made. Of course, I haven't made too many smart financial decisions otherwise, but whatever.

I've been watching the Katrina aftermath with horror since last week. It all just makes me feel incredibly helpless. I sent some money to the Red Cross, but it seems so minor, compared to the masses of homeless and suffering people who need to be assisted. I will at least continue to send money as I can. The lack of response of our government has been one of the more disturbing aspects of this disaster. To me, it illustrates the greed and out-of-touch mentality of the present administration. Certainly Bush's decision to continue his vacation while people were suffering and dying in the streets sums up his attitude for me, such disregard of the well-being of the citizens for whom he is responsible shows him to be the soul-less, scum-sucking, monkey-faced, smirking bastard I always knew that he was. And I'm not even going to go into the diverting funds during his administration from FEMA and into that bullshit Homeland Security program. It all just makes me SO. DAMN. MAD! ARGH!!!!