Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Cat Woman

OMG, I can't believe I forgot to mention this! Seen last night in Spinning Class: woman wearing a tight, bright-red, shiny, all-in-one cat-suit -- cut way low down between the breasts in front and practically down to her ass-crack in the back. She looked more ready for an S&M sex club than a spinning class. Maybe spinning was just a warm-up for her.

In Keeping with My Pissy Mood of Late...

So, as stated previously, I was in a pissy and down-on-myself mood for a few days. On Sunday evening I came out the back door of my building into the backyard with Lola on her leash, to take her out through the gate to do what she has to do. The couple who live on the sixth floor in the 3-bedroom were out there sitting at one of the picnic benches with their infant on a blanket on the ground beside them. As I come out the door, the man whips around and stares at me, until I exit the gate. I walk Lola around along the curb, she does her stuff, I pick her poop up with a plastic bag, securely tying a knot in the bag and come in through the other gate and walk past them to throw the bag in the trash can out there. This entire time this man is watching me with hawk eyes like I don't know what. Like I am there to injure his child or something. Me and my vicious pug on her leash. I felt so... sad. Had been feeling particularly unloveable already but some guy has to watch me like I am out to harm his child. I think this sort of thing particularly affects me because as a child I wasn't really nurtured extensively or made to feel particularly "precious" and so when confronted with protective parents who eye me as some perceived threat, it just feels so unfair. And it hurts my feelings. What did he think I was going to do to his baby? My dog was on a leash, I wasn't anywhere near the kid (was it because I have no interest in fawning over it?) Additionally, you put on a baby on a blanket in a public outdoor area? It's not your private space, after all. If you're so paranoid, maybe you should keep it in a carriage or something. I won't even mention the fact that we had had a ton of rain up until the day before and the damp and saturated ground was perhaps not the best place to put a newborn infant on a thin blanket. But what do I know? Anyway, it just all came at a really bad time for me, feeling so loathsome and all. I'm over it now, for the most part.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Deep Funk

So, I've been in a deep funk for the past few days. I happened to see a few pictures that were taken of me recently and it sent me into a downward spiral of depression. The person portrayed in these photos is not the person who looks back at me from the mirror. This person is a beast. Here I've been going along with things, exercising, generally feeling good about myself when the reality was that I am this hideous horror. I've seen a lot of talk about Body-Dysmorphic Syndrome with regards mostly to anorexics, but you never really see anything mentioned in Women's magazines or the media about the other side of the coin. Women who are over-weight or fat or HUGE who have a distorted image that makes them think that they look okay. I cerainly had no illusions that I'm a Super Model or anything, but I was not prepared for this reality. So, I've been entertaining very negative thoughts for the past few days. Basically along the lines of who do I think I am anyway and why bother, etc. I think I am just now managing to drag myself out of it. Running last night helped. If I can just concentrate on how exercise makes me feel both emotionally and physically, then I'm okay. Once I start worrying about how I look I start that downward spiral. Those photos were a slap in the face. For any of my friends who might be reading who have in the past been pissed off at me or annoyed for always avoiding that camera at various events, this is the reason why. The pain is just sometimes too much to bear.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Things that have Pissed Me Off in the Last Couple of Days

1 ) Duane Reade giving me 16 $1 bills as change when I bought a soda and a chapstick.
2 ) Chewing the Cud Woman.
3 ) The chick who sits in the cube behind mine who giggles, LOUDLY, ALL the time.
4 ) 2 chicks who came to Spinning Class last night, 8 minutes late, and then proceeded to talk throughout the entire class.
5 ) Slow moving people.
6 ) People with B.O.
7 ) The Long Island Railroad.
8 ) The fact that the skin around my eyes is still a little itchy & irritated and I haven't been able to wear eye makeup.
9 ) The fact that there is supposed to be a major storm tomorrow morning, interferring with my plans to run a race in Central Park.
10) The fact that neither Carolina nor I have any good movies from Netflix for tonight.
11) Humidity.
12) My Chair.

I'm sure there is more...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Chewing the Cud

It amazes me how many seemingly normal looking adults I run into these days who insist on chewing gum with as much open-mouth, chomping and slurping and cracking gusto as a nine year old kid. This morning it was the well-dressed woman sitting next to me on the train. Slurping & chomping away, practically in my ear. Must have been the slowest train ride ever. Disgusting.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


Well, I've officially been blogging for one full year so, Happy Blog-iversary to me. Guess I'll stick with it, I seem to enjoy ranting here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


So, I got this sticky, sparkly pink lip gloss from Revlon in the goody bag of a race I ran and I happened to leave it on my bathroom sink. So now everytime that I go into the bathroom in the evening (which can be alot if I'm drinking water or beer) I put some on my lips. I don't know why, it's just Lola and me crashed out watching Queer Eye or something. It just makes me happy for some reason. It's the simple, silly things in life, I guess. Weird that something so pinky and sparkly and girly would make me so happy. heh.

Swamp City

I just looked up the weather and it said that the humidity is 94%! No wonder I'm uncomfortable, although not as miserable as one might expect. Good thing it wasn't a running day.

Monday, June 21, 2004

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I had a good run, tonight's run sucked. Everything hurt. Felt like I was going to fall apart, like an old, broken machine. Cut it short at 2 miles, but I still made myself run up all the hills though. Hills make you strong.

A Lovely Run

I really had a lovely run last night, even if it was a bit truncated. The weather broke on Friday night gracing NYC with another perfect weekend. Still, I managed to be pretty lazy for all of Saturday and most of Sunday. I put off going for my run until late on Sunday afternoon (of course, having been ripped out of sleep at 5 AM by my upstairs neighbors, causing me to be lethargic all day, hadn't helped matters), but I finally got my act together around 4 PM. I went downstairs to bring Lola out first before going and ran into neighbors, Kathy, Claudine & Jerry hanging out in the backyard, cooking out steaks and drinking and having a great time. They invited me to join them -- what a dilemma! Grilled steak and shrimp and cold beer outside on a beautiful day or run. hmmmmmmm, hemmed and hawed and finally said, "no, thanks I really have to run". (Can you believe it???) They said, go for the run and come back and have dinner with us anyway. Sounds good. So, I left Lola with them, so that she could enjoy being outside and could play with Jake, their dog and I went up to Forest Park. Knowing that I didn't have a lot of time, I altered the course I would have done, had I no plans. But I also ran harder than I would have too (and took fewer walk breaks), knowing that time was limited. Ran in on the Park Drive for about (maybe not quite) a half a mile, and then veered off on one of the bridle path roads (still running), ran hard in through here and up and down the small hills until the bottom of the big series of hills that always kicks my behind. I walked for a short space before tackling the hills. It's actually one, big hill that plateaus a couple of times before continuing up. I ran each section, stopped briefly on each plateau before continuing on up the hill. I reached the summit expecting another section, but I was already at the top. I thought to myself, 'that's it?' I was completely out of breath of course, but I was expecting more. It somehow seemed to go a lot easier than the last time I did this hill (which was maybe 2 weeks ago). Of course the low humidity could have had something to do with that, but I'll take it. From the hill I continued on my loop, taking a shorter route than I would have had such a great dinner and beer not been waiting for me. Still I was able to pretty much keep running, with few walk breaks. I came out of the bridle paths and back on to the Park Drive and powered up the last big hill of the Park, enjoying the treat of a nice downhill on the other side and out to where the Park exited at Metropolitan Avenue.

All in all this was a pretty good effort for me, I am beginning to feel like I used to as a runner, I can actually get out there and run more than I walk. And that's a good thing.

Oh and the steak & shrimp & beer was delicious.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Too Good To Be True

I've been living in some amount of peaceful bliss for the last two weeks because it seems that my (asshole, upstairs, with no rugs and a toddler) neighbors were away. Peace & quiet and freedom from all their intrusive stomping, child running at all hours of the morning, day and night. Of course I sat here for the two weeks while enjoying the peace and quiet, holding my breath waiting for their return home (no doubt heralded with a lot of stomping and banging and dropping of large, heavy objects and one screaming, spoiled brat) and this happened last night at a little after 10. I knew that it was most likely they had been in Europe (they're from Poland) and so that this morning would be an early one, their internal clocks about 5 or 6 hours ahead. And, sure enough, a little after 5 this morning the stomping and the running started. So, I guess it's back to the same old misery. I knew the peace and quiet was just too good to last. Bastards.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Nasty People

I am so sick of nasty people. In my apartment building, mostly the people are lovely, but there are a few that stand out for being unreasonably nasty. Like the guy who lives next door to me who is currently having a war with some other neighbors about a grill in the BBQ pit in the backyard. Or this man who lives on the 6th floor who has this little, white bichon. This man has been so unbelievably unfriendly to me since day one. It's so strange and I just can't figure out why. The only thing I can think is because I own a dog too. Like he should be the only one allowed to have a dog here or something. But I'll say hi to him, and he'll (at the most) grunt at me, and then look the other way. And his dog is not allowed anywhere near my dog. If he sees me, he will give this sigh like he can't believe I'm even allowed to exist. So weird, when you think that there are few dogs in this building, you would think that the few who of us who have them would naturally talk and gravitate towards each other (like I have with Lola's friend, Jake's owners, as well as other dog owners in the building). Anyway, I'm really sick of being uncomfortable around this man, so this morning I had taken Lola out and was waiting for the elevator in the basement. Elevator comes and he and his dog get out. He makes his little sigh and calls his dog to quickly come away and brushes past me. As he passes me, this is how the conversation goes:

me: "oh hi"
mean man: "... "
me (a little louder): "Good Morning"
mean man: "..."
mean man is past me now and almost around the corner
me (practically yelling): "GOOD MORNING!"

Mean man makes a kind of noise like, "oh" and sort of half turns back to me like he would say "hi" but it just can't really get it out (like he didn't hear me the first two times. ) I get on the elevator, door closes and I mutter, "asshole".

Friday, June 18, 2004

Casual Friday

I just realized that what I'm wearing today is pretty damn casual: cropped jeans and a t-shirt. Jeans are allowed here, but I try to only wear them once or twice a week and normally I would wear a light cardigan sweater over the t-shirt (along with silver pearls, earrings, etc.) to dress it up a bit. But it's so gawd-awful hot today that I ditched the sweater this morning. So I was just in the Ladies Room and happened to glance in the mirror and thought to myself, 'well, damn. That's kind of pushing it'. Guess I had better go home early then.

Good News

Well, I think I've lost some weight. This morning I tried on a linen shirt that I had purchased at H&M a good number of months ago that ended up being far too tight. So tight that I could barely get it on, and off again. I have tried it on periodically over subsequent months (the last time only a couple of weeks ago, I think) with the result always being that there was no way it could have been worn outside my apartment. This morning I tried it on and... it actually fit. Slightly too tight, but I could have worn it if I wanted to (and if I wanted to wear long sleeves on this grossly oppressive day -- not on your life). Would prefer it to be a little looser, but it really wasn't too bad. When I took it off again, I looked at the label and was surprised to see that it was actually a size smaller than I had expected it to be (which is interesting because H&M tends to run very small, so I wonder why I even bought it in the first place, other than the fact that it's kind of cute and probably only cost $10). Anyway, so a positive step, I think.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Got a pedicure at lunch to help make me feel a little better about the FUEs. So now, here I sit admiring my bright & shiny, dark-pink toes. heh. I'm such a girl.

Oh, and lots of lip gloss helps too...


Well, the FUEs are back, although not nearly as bad as last time. Guess I won't be wearing any eye make-up for a while, which is a real bummer because that is one of those very simple things that give me pleasure everyday.

Oh. And it's "harrrrible" in NYC again. Terribly humid and murky. No, I don't think there's a connection (between the FUEs and the H&H).

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Why Is It?

Why is it, whenever I cut through Penn Station at lunchtime, I find that I absolutely have to check the "Big Board" to see when the next train to Kew Gardens is leaving? It never fails, I do it every time. You'd think I wanted to make a quick escape or something.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Circle of Friends

On Saturday I ran the Circle of Friends Women's "Mini-Marathon" (10K - 6.2 mile) race. I signed up for it knowing full-well that I was far from ready to run 6.2 miles, but this race has special meaning for me. It's the event that got me started running years ago (I walked it with a work colleague and was impressed and inspired by all the women of all shapes, sizes, ages, degree of fitness, etc. who were running), one year later I came back and ran the thing and was so completely proud of myself. This year the theme was "Circle of Friends", friends encouraging and supporting their friends in quitting smoking -- I have a passionate hatred for smoking, especially as my mother died of lung cancer a few years ago. Anyway, I was hoping to grab some of that old magical inspiration by participating in this race, and I can say the event more than delivered.

I started thinking that maybe I would do this race, way back in February when I started with the NYRRC beginning running class. As I moved forward and it looked like I was sticking with the running this time, it became more and more of a likely possibility. A month or so ago, I also started talking to some local friends about their maybe participating as walkers (it is a walking-friendly event) just because I know how inspiring the race can be and, at the very least, it's a morning in Central Park on a Saturday in June. Life could be worse. Anyway, Michelle and Luminita both became interested, and soon were on board with the idea.

Time has gone on and the running seems to be getting a bit stronger, so I wasn't too worried about finishing. I figured that I would run 3 miles of it, and then anything else I could do after that would be gravy. If worse came to worse, I could walk the second half of the race.

Sometime about a week or so before the race, my father called me and asked if I could do him a favor. My niece, Sophie, was going to be in New Jersey visiting them for a couple of weeks and they had a conflict for one part of her visit and he wanted to know if I could take her on the 11th & 12th. I realized that this caused an issue with my race, so I told him that I would be glad to have her over-night on the 11th, but that I was determined to do this race on Saturday, and Sophie couldn't exactly go wandering around Central Park on her own while it was going on. Well, this caused a whole huge back & forth issue with my father that I don't even know if I want to get into now. The bottom line was that I felt, as much as I wanted to see Sophie and was looking forward to spending time with her, these were important plans that I had had for months and I felt like I was doing my father a favor and was really jumping through hoops to accommodate him, yet he didn't seem to appreciate that this was important to me and that I seemed to be doing all the compromising. We had a big, blow-out fight over the phone on Friday afternoon that resulted in his hanging up on me. Fine. I didn't even care. It's not like he was interfering with plans I had to go out drinking or something. This was important because it symbolized a better direction for my life. This is something I lost a few years ago and I'm trying to get it back. So don't fucking mess with me. Anyway, he dropped Sophie off to me and I was able to make arrangements for her to spend time during the race with Ken who would be volunteering with my father meeting them to reclaim Sophie and THANKFULLY, Sophie being the fantastic kid that she is, was totally okay with everything.

Anyway, back to the race. Saturday had us up at the crack of dawn and out and to the train station with Michelle grousing good-naturedly about the early hour. Already we could see that it was going to be one of those absolutely perfect NYC days. What Paul would call a "Top 10 Day". Crystal clear blue skies, low humidity, unbelievably sunny, temps no higher than 74 or 75. Perfect. We easily made it into Manhattan and up to the Finish Line in the Park where we were meeting Ken. This actually turned out to be a good plan because there were some pre-race entertainment and a lot of activity that always goes hand-in-hand with a big event like this and so Luminita & Michelle were able to catch some of the excitement. It was also good because we were able to play around with Sophie for a while and she was also given plenty of time to become comfortable with Ken before I had to leave. Finally, it was time to make our way to the starting line, about a quarter of a mile away and so we said our goodbyes.

As we got to the Columbus Circle area, I think Michelle & Luminita were able to grasp that this was a pretty big event, by all the hordes of women who had taken over Central Park West. I love races that close CPW, you just feel like a part of something so huge. As we were making our way through the crowds, I was surprised to run into Harriet, also queuing up for the race. I introduced her to Michelle & Luminita and we then decided that we would run at least the beginning of the race together and see from there. After all the announcements and the national anthem, we were finally off. I think it took us about 2 minutes to cross over the start line, but then we were able to run at an easy, conversational pace with out too much zigging and zagging (quite unlike that 5K I had done about a month ago). As we ran up Central Park West I saw ahead two girls who had been in my beginning running class who I talked to about this race. As we ran up alongside them I greeted them -- we all yelled our hellos and Harriet and I pulled ahead. As we approached the West 72nd Street entrance to Central Park, I could see a figure crossing the street with a bike that looked awfully familiar. I said to Harriet, "I think that's my father up there" she was skeptical, seemed impossible to her that I would just happen to run into him, but as we got closer I became more and more convinced it was him. Finally as we pulled closer I yelled out his name and, sure enough, he stopped and turned, it WAS him. We stopped quickly, I told him that Sophie was with Ken, introduced Harriet and said that we were running together, Harriet made some comment about trying to keep up with me, and my father, of course, had to make some comment to the effect of, "well who is trying to keep up with whom? you look pretty good" (and indicating Harriet) meaning that I look like crap? Thanks Dad. Anyway, we kept it very brief and then continued to run. Harriet had her watch set for one minute walk breaks at intervals of ten minutes, so I followed this while running with her and it seemed to work out well. Running with her helped to pace me slow enough that I felt that I could run for a while. As we wound into the Park at 92nd street we turned up a hill and soon hit the 2 mile mark. Those 2 miles just seemed to go so quickly, running easy and having someone to talk to sure makes a big difference. Soon after here however, Harriet received a phone call and, since she was on call, she had to step off the side of the course and take it. I was forced to go on alone. The course was now winding up the hills on the west side of the Park, bringing us North and closer to the infamous Harlem Hills. Since we were running in the "easier" direction, I was determined to run the hills in their entirety this time (last week had only been able to make it about half-way up the big hill on the course). I ran up the back side of the Big Hill by pacing myself behind someone who seemed to be going at a slow enough and steady pace. Problem was, she soon started walking (ARGH!) so I jumped around her and found another runner to pace behind, which only lasted a moment or two before she also started walking. This was how my run up the hill went, weaving from runner to runner to pace behind until I was pretty much the only person running. But I did it, I ran up that whole hill. Not only that, but I got to the top and didn't collapse. I was able to keep going and used that nice, long downhill to recover, while still running. One woman blew past me here and I let her go, knowing that there was an even tougher, and longer, hill on the other side. Sure enough, she started walking very shortly into the next hill and I was able to pass her for good. This hill was much harder on me, and there was no one to pace behind at all, everyone had given up even trying to run it. But run it I did, it was long and brutal, but I was determined to make it and I am proud to say that I did it! Somewhere during the climb I had also passed over the 5K mark, so I knew I was also halfway through. I had accomplished my goal of running the first half of the course and climbing those hills. Whatever happened from here on in was gravy. I had to take a walk break after the brutal series of hills, but soon I was running again. In fact, I believe that the mile I ran after leaving Harriet was the fastest one I ran in the race. Closing in on mile 4, I saw a familiar figure (Ellen) on the hill that winds up along the East Side of the Reservoir, so I sped up as much as I reasonably could to catch her. I finally managed to pull up next to her and after walking a minute to catch my breath, we decided to run together. Ellen had had similar goals for the race, she wanted to solidly run the first half of the race, and just get though the rest, running or walking, depending on how she felt. Since we were together we decided to run as much as we could. Ellen was running a little faster pace than Harriet had been so it wore me out a bit quicker. We had to keep taking walk breaks, but it was okay, we just kept cycling from running to walking and back again. It never became a death match and we never felt like we needed to give up and just walk. There are hills through here too and the day (while delightful for sitting outside or strolling, etc.) was heating up a bit too, so I was happy to be able to do what we did. Right at the 5 mile marker we ran into Ken & Sophie cheering for the runners. They had been sent to marshall the course at that spot. Ut oh, obviously my father had not been able to find Sophie. I told her that he was here in the Park anyway, and we continued on to finish the race. Down around the bottom of the Park, I took my last walk break before the entrance from Columbus Circle. Ellen waved me on ahead and I was able to run up the last length of hill (about .25 of a mile) and to the finish, actually speeding up a bit as I got to the last stretch. As I ran up this part, I saw my father standing there cheering me and watching me finish. A first. (of course it had to be one of my slowest races ever, but at least he was there). Ellen finished right behind me and we both ended up feeling really thrilled that we had been able to do this race, this distance. Ellen was coming back from an injury and hadn't run more than 3 miles at one time in months. I haven't run this distance in about 5 years. We basked in the glow of our euphoria, I introduced Ellen to my father who then moved on to try and find Sophie.

After the race I was happy to regroup with Michelle & Luminita who finished in a very, very good time for walking the distance. Both were over the moon with their accomplishment (even despite some bad chafing for Michelle). Harriet finished soon after that, after having been sidelined by several calls during the course of the race.

Ellen, Ken, Harriet and I moved on to an outside table at Brother Jimmy's for some lunch and beer to do a post mortem on the day. Ellen, Ken and I moved onto to their roofdeck after that for more beer in the sunshine as we just couldn't let go of the spectacular day. I think I finally got home around 10:30 PM or thereabouts. It was a long day, but fun and deeply satisfying. It truly did turn into a Circle of Friends.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I'm So Sick Of This Reagan Mourning Business

Regardless of how you feel about his politics, the man led a pretty good life. He was a movie star, a governor and the President of the United States. The man died at the age of 93. I would say he had a pretty damn good life. Why mourn? Be happy he's out of his misery. I saw one mourner on TV who exclaimed (in tears), "it's so sad! We needed him here watching over our country!" Er, correct me if I'm wrong, but the man was in the late stages of alzheimer's disease. How much do you really think he was "watching over our country"? Personally, I think all this attention on national mourning is a conspiracy by republicans to focus media attention away from the war in Iraq. But then again, I tend to be the suspicious sort. Okay, enough politics for me.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


I just had to run up to this pet store I know of on the Upper West Side because I realized this morning that we are all out of dog food. Let me tell you something, it is "HARRIBLE" (as Thom of the Fab5 would say) out there. Not a breath of air at all. And about a bazillion degrees. This is what I hate about Summer in NYC. Hot & Humid and no air movement. Bleah. I had to get off of Amsterdam Avenue fast though, I was very, very tempted to duck into a dark bar up there and start drinking cold beer.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Sometimes It Just Doesn't Pay To Be Early

I left work about 15 or 20 minutes early on Friday (which means that I left at about 5 to 5) and felt a little guilty about it, so I busted my ass to get here an hour early this morning (after, oh maybe, 6 hours of sleep) only to find that I was the first one in and there was no one around to witness this stunning feat. Hell, it's 20 to 9 and my boss is still not in! Why do I even bother?

Sunday, June 06, 2004


Up at some ungodly hour to schlep into Central Park for some race or another. Somebody please remind me why I'm doing this again???

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Fresh Direct

So, this morning I received my very first Fresh Direct order and I have to say that I am really in love with this idea. In theory, I would love to be able to eliminate pretty much most (if not all) usage of my local grocery store, which I despise. Although daunting at first to spend a shitload of money on a big delivery of food, it is kind of nice to actually have a stocked kitchen for the first time in my life. And if shopping wisely and eating what I have stocked (rather than, say, having half of it rot in my fridge while I'm ordering out Chinese all the time or something) it could actually end up being cheaper in the long run. Those $20 stops at the grocery store in town every other day really add up (not to mention the occasional takeout order from the diner or Chinese or Indian places). I have to say that Fresh Direct is a great option for someone like me, who has limited grocery options and doesn't have a car to drive to a decent store to stock up.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Perfect NYC Day

Today is the sort of perfect day of which we have far too few this time of year in NYC. The specter of Summer heat & humidity is always close in the Spring, so new yorkers relish these few days all the more. Of course it is a perfect day, yet of course it is also a working day. And tomorrow, Saturday, is supposed to be completely crummy with rain all day long. With that in mind, I decided that since I had to run up to the New York Road Runner's Club, that a walk through the Park wasn't a bad idea. So on my lunch "hour" I took a train up the West Side and walked East through the Park. I meandered along the Reservoir Path,

start rant:
with one grimace to the woman who had a stroller parked in the middle of the path -- no strollers allowed on the path. No dogs, no bikes, no-bloody-strollers! There are plenty of wonderful footpaths through the Park, miles & miles of them, you don't need to be up there with your stroller! There is a reason for the rule (and the rule is posted EVERYWHERE), the path is very narrow and is meant mostly for runners and fitness walkers, it's not just there as a damn suggestion. Do you think just because you have a child, the rules do not apply to you??? ("but it's a baaaaay-beeeeeeee" give me a freaking break!)
end rant.

Anyway, sorry about that, where was I? Oh yes, it was a beautiful day and everywhere there were people out enjoying it. I couldn't help but be envious of the people who had had the foresight to take today off,

start rant:
or who don't work in corporate, soul-sucking jobs that require them to waste their lives cramped into a windowless, putty-colored cubicle for hoursweeksmonthsyears...
end rant.

er, anyway, it was nice.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

and one other thing...

I am sick and tired of walking into a stall in the Ladies Room here at work and finding that someone has pissed all over the seat! I mean, what kind of person does this? A man will even lift up the seat, rather than piss all over it. Freaking animals.


Well, I'm committed now. I went off at lunch time on an odyssey to purchase new running shoes. I finally ended up at Paragon Sports on 18th & Broadway where I bought a pair and spent a bloody fortune. So I had better be committed to running now. Dammit.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

More Bathroom Drama

Flipped the switch in my bathroom to turn on the light last night and the light blew. Figured that I needed new light bulbs (although weird that two blew at once) so I bought new ones today in Manhattan and just now screwed them in. Guess what? The light still doesn't work! Looks like I'll be showering in the dark again tomorrow morning. What is going on with my damn bathroom? It's been one problem after another since I moved in. I guess it must be the light fixture itself, the nightlight that's plugged into the outlet that shares the switch for the light still seems to be working. Argh! Really wasn't ready to buy some new light fixture right now!

More Drama

Email from a guy who had sent me a short email of hello (I had replied, I guess he had replied again, and I didn't get back to him right away)

"Subject: whats up ,no reply

where are you, I know you have been on line . Are you mad at me!"

Are you kidding me?