Monday, October 23, 2006

Dental Update

So, it turns out that I have an infection and am going to need another root canal (on a different tooth). Just shoot me and put me out of my misery. They didn't even give me any good drugs, just antibiotics. Phooey.

This dental place I went to was weird. I've been going to my old dentist in NYC for so long, that going somewhere new is a strange feeling. Anyway, the first thing that made me nervous was the attached a credit application for Capital One with the paperwork I needed to fill out. WTF do I need Capital One credit to get my teeth checked? If someone needs to charge treatment, do they really need to open special credit cards just for the service? Sheesh. Some of these credit card companies have got balls, I'll tell you. And I'm sure the dental company is getting a kick-back for every application they get. I'll bet plenty of people fill these things out too, thinking it's just another part of the required paperwork. Well, they didn't get one from me anyway. Sneaky bastards.

So, after filling out all the paperwork I was finally brought back into the treatment area. This was the really weird part, there were all these dentist chairs in this open air room, separated only by a set of shelving between each. Like a hair salon. I swear I felt like I was at Super Cuts or something. This makes me very nervous, I have to say. Well, to their credit, they were all very nice and seemed very professional. They're referring me to a specialist for the root canal which is good because I really don't know how comfortable I would be having root canal there. I am coming back for a cleaning and a minor re-filling on another tooth though.

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