Friday, July 27, 2007

Dental Horrors

So, I had to have oral surgery on Tuesday. In consulting with the oral surgeon and his nurse in the weeks leading up to the procedure, I was assured that it was going to be no big deal and that I was going to be surprised at how easy it was going to be and how quickly I was going to bounce back and feel great. Well, not so much. I went in at 1:30 on Tuesday for what I thought was going to be an hour appointment, I ended up leaving three hours later in severe pain and completely traumatized. It was horrible. They had to extract this back molar and apparently the tooth that had been under the bridge was so decayed that there was nothing for him to grab on to. He ended up having to hack it into pieces and crack the tooth out of the bone, piece by piece. My every limb was shaking like a leaf and the novacaine was wearing off by the time I left the office. I then had to make a detour to get my prescriptions filled, by the time I was finally driving home, I was in so much pain and in such a state of panic that I was literally freaking out. Looking back at it a few days later, I am completely relieved that it is over but still somewhat traumatized by the experience. My lower jaw is also still pretty sore and swollen too, but at least have some Vicadin that I can take at night. I am not having a good week at all.

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