Monday, February 18, 2008

Tig the Obedience Star

Tonight was Tig's last night of his "basic" obedience course. He got a graduation certificate and everything! Anyway, from the start of the class he was a total star, completely enthusiastic and over the moon with happiness to be there each week. And he always seemed to have a lot of admirers. Kids who always seemed to want to touch him, other participants who complimented him. He even seemed to be a favorite of the instructor. I've signed him up for the next level of class, but that doesn't start until the end of April, so I spoke to the instructor after class about what I can be doing with him in the meantime and she suggested that we can perhaps sign up for some private lessons with her in the interim, which I think we'll do. Tig just loves going there so much and seems to get so much out of it and I actually enjoy it too. I've also signed Fitz up for the class that Tig just completed. So it looks like I'm going to pretty busy with dog stuff for the foreseeable future.

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