Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Things that have annoyed me in the last few days:

Cleaning up after strangers. If you use the microwave and your CRAP spills all over the rotating plate thingie, don’t just slink away and leave it for the next person to have to mop up! Hello?! Why should I have to clean up YOUR slop before I can heat up my lunch? Could you BE more selfish? Sheesh.

People who don’t signal. Why is this so difficult for most people? I mean, what kind of effort does it really take to turn on a stupid blinker?

Tail-gaters. Yes, I see you latched there on my bumper. Can YOU see the string of cars in front of me? Just what, exactly, do you expect me to do?

Someone in my neighborhood each morning insists on driving her widdle pweshus to the end of our road (all of .2 of a mile long) and then sitting there idling at the bottom of the road so pweshus can sit inside in comfort and wait for the school bus. The problem is, anyone trying to exit the neighborhood (which is pretty much anyone who has to get to work in the morning) has to now swing around her stupid ginormous SUV while trying to merge onto a busy connecting road, making the maneuver all the more difficult and dangerous. But as long as pweshus doesn’t have to walk that grueling .2 mile and can sit and relax in comfort, it’s worth it. Right? Entitled cow.

Someone at work stole my guest chair and replaced it with a stained one. There are plenty of empty cubes around with spare chairs, couldn’t you have stolen one of those? SHEESH.

I don’t understand why my hair which was looking good and smooth and all going in the direction I wanted it to when I looked at it in the Ladies Room mirror in one hour, is suddenly all flippsidy-doodle and all going the wrong way and sticking out every which way in the next. All I’ve been doing for the hour that has passed is sitting at my desk! You’d think I had been through a wind tunnel or something. I. Just. Don’t. Understand. It.

My father. My sister called me yesterday to chat. And during the course of that conversation, she happened to mention that my father’s wife’s daughter (the one who can’t seem to exist without constant financial assistance from her mother) is finally buying a house. But because she is completely broke, “they” are buying her a brand new washer & dryer for the house! WTF?! I remember a year and a half ago when I moved into MY house, being all stressed out because I had to buy a washer & dryer right away. My father certainly didn’t offer to buy this for me. I just sucked it up and dug up the money to get it myself. I didn’t so much as get a house-warming gift from them! This really boils my piss. What also worries me is, I fear that they may have co-signed for Irresponsible Daughter’s mortgage. I don’t know if that is true (and hopefully it’s not), but I remember my father telling me that she had wanted to buy something for a good while, but that her credit was never good enough to qualify for a mortgage. And this was during the years when EVERYONE was qualifying for a mortgage! If you had a heartbeat, you could get 100% financing. Nowadays the requirements are more restrictive, so it makes me wonder.

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