Monday, October 06, 2008

Hello, my name is "Snarky"

Working out with "Nice Mike" one day, I finally had to make a comment about some of the muscle heads I'm forever seeing in the gym. Some of whom are shaped like a barrel or a huge bullet or something. You know, tiny head and then it balloons out to one huge size?

Me: "So, do you ever take a look at some of these guys and want to say, 'Hey, you know, a little cardio might not be a bad idea?'"
NM: "HAHAHAHA! Yes, actually"

Another workout (last week) with "Nice Mike" and he has me doing the dreaded wall sit exercise. Chick who looks like her favorite form of exercise is Pilates is on a weight machine beside us (let's call her, "Pilates Queen").

PQ: (while I am in the middle of my wall sit and grimacing in intense pain with Mike standing over me with a stop watch) "Is that exercise actually effective without The Ball" (what ball you ask? Who the Hell knows?)
Me: "Actually, no, it's not. The trainer just decided to have me do it anyway". Seriously, WTF???

During the same workout and the same exercise, Loquacious Workout Guy who always likes to talk to us had to chime in.

LWG: "You think that's bad? You should try a plank."
LWG: (Then as he's doing a plank) "See? this is a plank."
Me: "Show off."
NiceMike: SNORT! "Show off! HAHAHAHA!"

On Sunday after my trail ride, I stopped at a convenience store to buy a ginger ale because I was parched. I decided to buy the "2 for" special. The total came to $2.22.

Me: "Actually, I think I have 22 cents."
Check-Out Boy: "Oh I don't doubt that you do, most females are toting around a ton of change."
Me: "I always love to be reduced to a sexual stereotype, so thanks for that."

Hello, my name is Snarky, have you met me?

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