Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Well, at least I can row: CrossFit 08/13/2014

We had a crazy weather day here in New Hampshire, heavy rains that turned into a monsoon by the evening. It was raining so hard that I actually got one of those reverse 911 alerts to my cell phone warning of flash flooding. Riding was canceled, so I figured that I would go to CrossFit instead, since I didn't go last night and Wednesdays are usually strength work, something I definitely need to work on. It was raining so hard when I left my house that the thought actually crossed my mind, 'hmmmm, I wonder if anyone will even be at CrossFit tonight?' And then I immediately followed with this thought, 'stupid! Of course there will be people at CrossFit!'

I'm still nursing a very sore achilles, so I have to be careful what I do. I didn't go last night because I thought the posted WOD was going to be too tough on it. The workouts that I do take on, I just have to monitor it as I go. The good news this week is that I'm not limping around so much and it did not feel any worse the day after Monday's CF, so I'm encouraged by that. I'm not ready to run though. I ran from car in the rain to the gym tonight and it hurt quite a bit and caused me to run with a limp, so that is going to take some more time.

Posted workout for Wednesday, August 13th:


Line Drills x2 rounds each:

Butt Kicks
High Skips
Karaoke High Step
Forward Sprint/Back Sprint (run backwards)

What I did: Same, except the High Skips hurt too much, so I substituted extra rounds of Butt Kicks on that interval. 

Performance / WOD:

A. HBBS - E2M x6 x2 Reps (Translation: High Bar Back Squats, every 2 minutes for 6 rounds, do 2 reps each round)

What I did: My 1 rep max for this lift is 115lbs right now. During the warm-up I built up my weight to 85lbs and found that pretty challenging, so I kept it there for this exercise. It was tough, not sure if all the rounds crept up on me, or that's just what I had in me tonight, but whatever it was, I felt like I made the right decision for this one. Got through it in decent form and feeling fatigued, but not spent. 

B. 1 Mile Time Trial Run or 2000 Meter Row

What I did: Fred and I rowed and everyone else ran. I finished the row in 10:05 and wasn't too impressed with myself. But then I was thinking back to when I started CrossFit a couple of months ago and remember having to rest for a few seconds here and there during 400 meter row sessions. Tonight I did 2000 meters without any break. Coach Jen also seemed to think that the time was good for me, so okay, maybe I'm happy with it. 

C. 4 sets of 20 Slamballs as fast as possible.

What I did: I did a bunch of them to get the hang of it (hadn't done this before) but didn't count how many. And then I did one focused set of 20.

Some notes:

  • I really need to sort out my schedule so that I can come on Wednesdays more often. It's normally a riding night for me, tonight was an exception because of the bad weather. But I could probably work out an occasional CF session before work, or maybe at a lunch time or something. I have to think about this. 
  • I'm disappointed that I'm out of commission for running at the moment. I really want to work on the running some, at CF and outside of CF. I'm glad that I can row at least though. 
  • Slamballs are surprisingly hard!

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