Friday, September 28, 2007

This F*ing HEAT


What is with this freaking heat?! I'm ready to spontaneously combust, I swear. I really, really look forward to the crisp Fall temps. I suffer through Summer with the thought of the lovely relief that comes in September. Well, we've spent the last week (really, since last Friday) in a 89 - 91* hot & humid HELL. First the temperature was supposed to break by Wednesday. Nope. Then Thursday. Nope. Finally, this morning I was convinced that I was going to finally wake up to my cool Autumn morning -- NO! Not so much. Ugh, I really hate this weather. HATE IT. Swampy and sticky and completely uncomfortable. I'm sick of having to run an air-conditioner, I'm sick of running around in the morning, only to over-heat so much that sweat slicks off my face and pours through my freshly washed hair. I have to bring papertowels into the backyard with me in the morning so that I can mop up my face while the dogs do their "chores". Ugh! I hate it, hate it, hate it.


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