Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tig is doing well ...

Wow, we're about five days in at this stage and everything is going very well with all the dogs and especially with Tig. He seems very happy and well adjusted here, I have not noticed any anxiety or fear from him at all. Tig has been sleeping in the bed with Lola (older Pug) and me and has been wonderful, except he sure does like to take up a lot of real estate! I think that he finally figured out sometime last night that he didn't have to get up and come with me to the bathroom during the night, at least not every time. He still seems to want to keep an eye on me though.

Today was my first day back to work since adopting him, so I was really curious to see how it would go. I've decided that I'm going to return the ginormous crate that I bought and so I took a chance and gated him in the kitchen (using the ridiculously short, pug-sized gate that he could have stepped over at any time). Today was an unfortunate day too, one where I had six(!) meetings and plenty of work and thus no time to run home during the day or even to come home a little early. But when I finally made it home he was still in the kitchen, nothing was chewed, nothing had been pulled off the counter tops, no accidents, nothing. Just a happy, excited Boxer who was over the Moon to see me. So, I'm thinking that maybe a crate won't be needed for him after all, which is especially nice for him, considering how much he has been crated so far in his young life, I am happy that he can probably say goodbye to that now.

This morning I took all three dogs for a walk before I left for work (probably a little over a mile or so) and then for another walk after work (about two miles) all dogs walking nicely beside or behind me -- I continue to be: Master of the Dogs -- heh. I think it will be best for all involved if I can continue this routine.

So anyway, Tig continues to be a truly wonderful dog. I am really glad that I decided to give the rescue thing a try, it was definitely worth all the hoops I had to jump through and the months of waiting.

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