Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pedicures are GOOD

Work has been insane lately. I mean, working 10, 11, 12 hours a day insane. Insane where I am logging in from home at 6:30 AM before I can even leave the house. Insane where I'm dreaming about it, which of course makes me feel like the workday never ends. I can't remember in recent history looking forward to a weekend more than I did this one. I just need two days to do basically nothing at all productive and try not to think about work. Well, as much as is possible anyway. Luckily I had a pedicure scheduled for this morning, which couldn't have come on a better day. Such a sweet, selfish indulgence -- it was lovely, as always. Complete with foot and leg massage, parafin dip, foot mask and a fantastic dark red nail color (that only I will see and admire now for the next couple of months). Also got my chronic in-grown toenails taken care of -- so I should no longer be howling with pain every time I bump them up against something innocuous (like a dog). At least they're taken care of for a little while. Added to the pleasure was being out and about on a crisp, perfect Autumn morning. D&D coffee in the console, windows down, leaves turning, breeze breezing, long, slanting sunlight ... ahhhhh, I just love this time of year. So now my feet are sweet and soft again. I'm reasonably relaxed and a little better rested. Hopefully I will be ready to again re-join the insanity back on Monday morning.

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