Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dealing with Hardware

So, my laptop is broken. Again. This stupid thing has had the hard drive re-built two or three times (the last time was about a month ago) and had various other issues that have needed to be fixed. Every time the hard drive has to be dealt with, I also then have to go through the exercise of re-installing various needed software, re-establish all the various certificates or whatever needed for VPN and wireless access, etc. not to mention trying to re-find all of my bookmarks and whatever. It’s all an enormous pain in the ASS. Anyway, so last night it crashed yet again. I got a very ugly black screen (never even made it to the Blue Screen of Death) error about some missing or corrupted file. So, I dragged the machine in today and opened yet another tech problem ticket. The technician contacted me with the bad news that I would need a new hard drive – ARGH! And then he went on to say that I have the dubious distinction of being the most interesting problem ticket of the day by starting off my ticket description with, “I can’t believe this, but my laptop seems yet again to be broken.” (I guess those tech guys don’t get out much). He also asked if it would be problematic if I didn’t get the machine back today and I said that since I have a desktop supplied to me by The Business Group, I could luckily use that today. His response was to start to reply, “huh, well we handle The Technical Group … “ since I am used to this response, I had to patiently explain how I am working for The Business Group, but am really a member of The Technical Group, so my laptop is owned by The Technical Group, yet my desktop is a Business Group machine. Sigh. This always confuses them and I have to explain it carefully lest I be pawned off onto another support group. So he paused and then said, “Oh, so YOU’RE the one!” I hope I’m not on some support black list somewhere! Yikes!

I swear, I’m going to buy an Apple laptop for personal use after all this.

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