Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Home Improvements

December is always an exciting time at my company because it's bonus time. And this year was even more generous than last year (as a side note: I dearly hope that I will continue to have a job at this most wonderful company until the day I'm ready to retire.) Once I knew how much to expect, I started planning what I was going to spend it on! Well, I have to really save some of it, but I do want to spend some of it on some house stuff. Late this afternoon I met with a custom window treatments place (they came into my home with samples) and chose a roman shade design and fabric for my triple living room window and a shutter for the side-light window beside my front door. This week I also contacted the guy who painted my living room, kitchen and guest room last year about coming back and starting on my horrible mustard-colored textured hallway walls -- I've been living with those for a year now and I hate them as much as I did on the day I moved in. It's going to be a mess and an enormous pain-in-the-ass to live with, but the end result will be worth it.

Anyway, it's a little exciting to have a few home improvements on the horizon. I haven't done anything about the house in so many months that it was starting to get to me. Of course, the big projects, like renovating all of the bathrooms, are still going to have to wait a few years, but it feels good to be inching forward in some fashion.

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