Monday, December 17, 2007

I feel so lucky

Since finishing up on my two-year project about a week ago, I was finally able to move back to the other building where my team is located. I wasn't sure if or when a cube was going to be found for me, so I was a little concerned about where I would end up or if I would have to work from home everyday (which is great as an option, but maybe not so great when suddenly it's your only option). So they wanted to move me into a currently occupied cube and move that person out of that cube and into a nice window cube (since she considerably outranks me). But the current occupant didn't want to move because she has been there for three years, so I got the window one by default! So Day Two of sitting next to a window and I have to say that I really love it. I never realized before how much I was missing natural light and being able to easily glance outside without getting up and making a big point of it. And being by the window also means that I am also at the end of a row, which means that it is so much quieter (a huge plus for me because nothing stresses me out more than noise). This area is also much more laidback and casual than my former location too, so all-in-all I am not feeling the cubicle stress and claustrophobia that I normally feel. I am so grateful to now have this great space! I hope I get to keep it.

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