Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Is there anything more comfortable or delicious than to be home, tucked inside on an unexpectedly snowy, snowy day? Dogs piled on top, fire going, movie channels galore and books all around and no where you have to go or be? Bliss.


MizFit said...

TOTAL BLISS and the only reason I dont love the climate where I live some days.

very few days.

days like today.

deborah said...

I know, I'm one of those crazy people who actually LIKES Winter. Sometimes it lasts a little too long for my taste, but I do enjoy the snow and having a fire and wearing sweaters & jackets. I particularly love coming into someplace warm when you've been out in the cold.

Cheryl said...

Snow is what makes winter bearable. Unfortunately, we have had NONE. It's still just windy and cold here. Getting sick of this!

Happy New Year, sistah!

deborah said...

same to you! are you staying in? I'm supposed to drive over to Amherst to Paul & Luminita's at some point, but it's so warm and comfortable inside and it's still snowing outside, so I'm not feeling too motivated, to be honest.

Cheryl said...

We are doing a progressive dinner with 2 of the neighbors, Jon & Heather. The furthest I have to go is across the street. That's plenty. It's still windy and heading down to 15*.

We will ring in the new year in our house! The best place to be.