Thursday, March 12, 2009

Horse Camp!

So, my trip to Horse Camp is almost here, I leave early on Sunday morning. As the time gets closer, I am getting more & more excited, as well as more nervous. On Tuesday night Ann had me working through the Beginner Novice Dressage Test A because, uh, apparently, I am going to be competing in a 2-phase on Wednesday (ACK!) And then last night Alison sent an email to the camp goers with some more info, along with a break-down of who is being assigned which horse for the week. So it goes something like this:

* Jennifer is riding some horse called, "LumLum" (really, "Joebee", but same idea)
* Joanne is riding some horse called, "Blossom" (really, "Rue")
* Marilyn is riding her horse Finn
* Debbie is riding ... Viper. VIPER??? Holy crap! Do you think I should be concerned? The name "Viper" does not exactly instill confidence that I'm going to be on an easy-going horse, that's for sure!

And the packing list for camp:

* riding helmet
* riding gloves
* paddock boots
* half-chaps
* breeches (various colors)
* protective jumping vest
* jumping bat
* medical armband
* stop watch
* sports bras
* short & long-sleeved polos (various colors)

And that's just the riding stuff.

Anyway, it should be a lot of fun. I'm going to miss my dogs terribly, but they're going to be at a kind of camp of their own, so I'll bet they won't even miss me all that much really.

I hope I return in one piece!

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Linda S said...

Have fun and tell us all about it!!