Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Slammer

Well, I dropped the dogs off this afternoon and I was pretty much okay, for the most part. Up until the point when I was leaving and decided to walk around the back to say goodbye. My three were in the enclosed yard together and came running over to the fence to see me. Little Fitz was pawing at the fence trying to get to me and it about broke my heart. I know that they'll be fine and that they'll actually even have fun. This is absolutely the best place around. They'll be loose and able to play with other dogs inside and out all day long, everyday. When I come collect them next weekend, they'll most likely be completely exhausted, and maybe even a little bit skinny.

I don't travel a lot, so it's the logistics of it all that I don't really like. All the packing and schlepping of stuff. The flying, the hotels, the not having all your stuff with you. But the worst part for me is having to leave my dogs behind. I'm sure I'll be happy once I'm there tomorrow, I am just not looking forward to the traveling part and I wish I could have my dogs with me! I miss them already, it's far too quiet around here without them.

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Fluffy said...

Dogs live in the moment, plus they have each other, so they won't miss you. But I understand--we bought the motorhome so that we could travel with ours!!!