Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And It Starts

I had my very first "real" CrossFit class last night. I came tentatively to the gym a few weeks ago to start my series of six one-on-one ramp-up sessions overwhelmed and not really knowing what to expect. I had been hearing about CrossFit for a couple of years and my most persuasive impression from the bits and pieces I had picked up was that it is "intense". Watching the end of the class before that first private session pretty much confirmed all of my fears (and, yes, my hopes).

I finished my last private on-ramp session last Friday and decided that I had better just jump into a class right away before hesitating. I figured, the longer I waited, the less likely I was to do it. So, last night was The Night.

I kind of felt sick about it all day long. I pretty much was freaking out! I've felt like that before about an upcoming ride (especially if it was going to involve jumping), but I can't say I've ever felt that way before an exercise class before! Anyway, I chose the very same class that I had been watching the end of each time I had been in for my private sessions. Right away, I felt a little familiar with some of the people in the class and they all spoke to me as we waited for the previous class to finish. It also had the advantage of being a smaller group (just six of us), so it was a little easier for me to take in. The coach, Troy, came up and chatted to me before our session, starting to put me at ease and let me know that he would be working with me throughout. I was so grateful! I right away felt comfortable (still scared, but a little bit less freaked out).

Anyway, so this was the workout:


400m Run or Row
What I did: Row.

Bar-Bell Warm-up (led by coach):

12-9-6-3 of:
Deadlifts (bar)
Hang Power Cleans (bar)
Front Squats (bar)
What I did: Same, except I held the bar on my shoulders, behind neck for the front squats.

Stretching: Hip Mobility Complex:

Side lunges
Figure 4 Stretch
T-spine/Hamstring/Quad Smash
What I did: Same.


A. Clean Complex Work:

1. 10:00 to work on a heavy set of: 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 TnG Clean
2. EMOM x5 x1 Squat Clean at 80% of A1.
(to be honest, I don't even know what most of this is!)
What I did: Power Cleans, working with the coach to get my technique right, adding weight as we went. Finished at 45lbs? Now I'm not sure as that is the weight I used for WOD, can't remember if it was the same for the squat cleans! ACK! Need to keep notes! Anyway, did a lot of reps of these until I was consistently getting them right. 

4 Rounds for Time (This is where shit got real):

30 Double Unders (that's jumping rope, yes, you read that right, but in a double under, the jump rope must pass under your feet 2x with each jump. Yeah. Not going to happen!)
15 Deadlifts (225 men /155 women)
15 Weighted Sit-ups (A CF sit-up is a little different. You lay on the floor with your knees out to either side, soles of your feet together. Full range of motion is from arms straight behind head, touching floor, to sitting, hands touch feet. With weighted sit-ups, you hold a weight plate in your hands during the sit-up.) 
What I did: Well, I kind of lost track, because it became kind of a blur. The coach talked me through it and adjusted my goals as needed. Anyway, started with: 30 single unders (and I could only seem to do a max of 5 before screwing it up). 15 deadlifts at 45 lbs. 15 sit-ups, non-weighted -- x something. Well, I know I did 4 reps, but Coach Troy adjusted the reps as I was maxing out. I think on the 4th set I did 20 single unders, 10 deadlifts and 15 sit-ups. Or was it 10? I can't remember now!

Anyway, my legs were seriously rubber noodles by the time we were done. I could hardly stand! But Coach Troy got me through it and everyone was so nice and encouraging. It felt great to finish. I felt so good that I actually stood around and chatted with some of the people from the class for a while afterwards. About 30 minutes later the endorphin euphoria set in. 

I am thinking I had better go back again on Friday. 

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