Monday, February 05, 2007

sick, sick, sick

So, as I posted previously, on Thursday I started getting that sick-y feeling like I was coming down with something. By Thursday night I had a fever and chills and by Friday I had that strange chest rattle-wheezing thing I also posted about. I felt pretty miserable for most of the weekend and then Sunday afternoon I felt worse, with my fever spiking over 102*. I managed to speak to a nurse over the phone through an after-hours nurse service through a local hospital who advised me that I should probably go to the emergency room, just to be safe. So I drove myself to the closest one, up the road in Manchester. This was the ultimate example of how living here differs from NYC. No one in the waiting room, they took me right away. I think I was having a chest x-ray within 20 minutes of having checked in and I was out within an hour or so. Anyway, the bottom line is, I have bronchitis. The doctor says that I *can't* go to work for three days and I'm on antibiotics. Ugh, I am never this sick! It's so frustrating! The doctor also lectured me for not having a local doctor yet. Sheesh. So, I'm sick, sick, sick and will most likely be whining and complaining about it for a couple of days.

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