Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dog Interview Update

So I had my home visit with the rescue group last night and it went very well. The woman they sent seemed to really like my home and was also impressed with my dogs (who behaved very well, I might add) and said that I obviously love them and care for them well. She brought her 12 week-old Boxer puppy with her to see how my dogs interacted with him and I was just ready to swoon over with love for this cutie! What a face! 12 weeks old and he & Fitz were about evenly matched in height, although Fitz has a lot more girth on him. Anyway, it was fun to watch them romping in the yard and there was obviously no problem with any of the dogs getting along, so no flags there for the group. So, I believe I've passed all the hurdles at this point. As she was leaving she said that she would file her report right away (that night) and that the next step is that the rescue group directors would be in touch with me about dog placement! So ... YAY!

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