Friday, August 17, 2007

So Excited

I am a step closer to adopting a rescue Boxer dog. The rescue group with whom I filled out an application contacted me about a month or so ago for an in-depth phone interview and they followed up by contacting my personal & vet references. Well, I must have passed all that because I received an email yesterday from a woman with the group who wants to set up a home visit. After a little back and forth it looks like we're targeting for Monday evening! I had really hoped for a weekend because I would presumably have a chance to wear out my dogs (especially Fitz) a bit in preparation for the meeting, and especially as she plans to bring her male Boxer along to see how my dogs interact, but hopefully everything will still be alright. If all goes well, there may very well be a Boxer out there that will be a great fit for my little canine family.

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