Sunday, August 19, 2007

Is it possible to LOVE an appliance?

Because, if it is, I think I truly love my new vacuum. I've come late to the Dyson craze of course. I know many people who have one or another version of this vacuum (I purchased "The Animal") and all have been singing its praises for years. I knew that it was just a matter of time before I caved and got one. There have been a lot of things on my financial plate, however (buying a car, buying a house, buying stuff for the house, or improvements, etc. thousands of $$$ in dental work, and so on) so a new vacuum had been pretty low on the priority list. That is until I broke my old vacuum by sucking up something it wasn't suppose to suck. Then the question is, to cheap out and buy a lesser vacuum to make do with and someday upgrade to the Dyson? Or just bite the bullet and go for it. I went for it. Well, let me tell you, this thing is incredible! I'm almost embarrassed to explain how much dog hair it sucked up. And then today after using it, I realized that I needed to empty the cannister. I was dreading this exercise with the bag-less unit expecting it to be a messy & complicated ordeal, but I was incredibly impressed with how easy it was! I had brought both vacuum and trash can out on the deck, anticipating the big mess when really all that was involved was clicking the cannister off the machine, holding it above the trash and pulling a trigger. The bottom flipped open and all dust and hair, etc. slid easily out and into the can. It couldn't have been easier. So yes, anything that makes my life easier and a dreaded chore a pleasure is worth at least a blog post in my book.

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