Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Pros and Cons of Working Out in the Morning


* I hate getting up early in the morning (who doesn't?)
* It takes me longer to wake up and warm up.
* I have to seriously watch the clock during the workout.
* I may have to cut the work-out short if I run out of time.
* It takes forever to cool down.
* I can't just relax after the exertion, but must then rush around and prepare for work.
* My fingers swelling so much that I can't even put my rings on.
* I'm still sweating even after my shower.
* I'm still sweating even after my commute.
* I always feel like I'm rushing.


* After the initial pain of getting up very early, realizing that it's actually not that bad.
* Having the gym to myself.
* Since I'm starting cold and it takes me a while to warm up, my heartrate is working harder from the very start.
* If at the gym, watching more morning News than I usually get to see.
* That smug feeling of finishing the workout and knowing that it's only about 7 AM.
* Knowing that I don't have to try and squeeze a workout in for the rest of the day.
* Knowing that if I do, I get bonus points (and can feel very smug).
* Starting the day off in a good mood. Well, the jury is still out on this last one.

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