Monday, April 25, 2005


My friend Lares was in town for the weekend and so I joined him for some drinks after work on Friday. He moved way upstate over a year ago and is enjoying his life up there. It was nice to do a Happy Hour for a change, even if it was just in some Penn Station bar.

Walking Lola down the street on Sunday -- a bunch of people walking with strollers and small children ahead of us. One woman keeps looking anxiously over her shoulder at Lola and me, finally stops and stands way over to the side and lets us pass, all while eyeing Lola suspiciously. As we pass I say, "she's not going to hurt ya." Sheesh.

Going for a long walk with the dog tonight, I walk down this footpath down the backside of the small park, on the way to the big park. I see a woman with two dachshunds rooting around in the ground, once hunched in a suspicious "humped" position. Woman sees me noticing, so she tugs the dog and plays innocent, like I didn't almost catch her allowing her dog to poop in a place where she was obviously not going to pick up after it. It crossed my mind to say something, but then decided that one confrontation with a stranger a day is enough. I've met my quota for the day.

Nightmare Neighbors above me finally moved out and the new guy moved in last Tuesday. So far the new guy appears to be unbelievably quiet. So much so that I can't believe my luck and have been holding my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe the mondo-stereo-unit-with-sub-woofer is on back-order.

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