Saturday, April 09, 2005

What a Long, Depressing Winter it's been...

I can't ever remember being this affected by a Winter before. I think it was less the bad weather and more the long, dark days that got to me. I've been having a tough time at work too for the last few months so there really hasn't been much in my life that has been any kind of a release from all the various stresses. Even not working out becomes a bonus stress as I worry about what I'm not doing and worry & fret about getting back into it. When I took Lola out this morning around 7:30 I could see that already it was a beautiful day. Moderate but crisp temps, brilliant skies, I knew that I would be a complete asshole if I didn't take at least some advantage of it. I puttered around for part of the day, but finally put on light workout pants, sportsbra, t-shirt, windbreaker and running shoes, leashed up the dog and went off to Forest Park. What a gorgeous day -- the sky was this brilliant blue, this shade that seemed almost a cross between cobalt and periwinkle or something. Lola and I had a good time walking and running on the bridle path trails and meeting the various dogs we happened to pass (including two English Bulldogs, one French Bulldog and a Pug puppy named "Precious"). It was really a very pleasant way to spend part of the afternoon, and, even though my workout effort was completely pathetic (it's very depressing to realize how out of shape I really am), it feels good to have gotten out and done something. I think Lola was happy to move some as well.

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