Monday, April 06, 2009

Ambien = Miracle Drug!

I’ve written here repeatedly, and with increasing frequency, about my on-going battle with insomnia. It’s gotten to the point where my sleepless nights are out-numbering the nights where I actually manage to string together a few hours of sleep (and I can’t even call those restful nights).

I had an appointment with my doctor last week for an actual physical – that may actually have been a first, I tend to go the doctor if something is wrong, or for a fifteen minute consult about whether my thyroid levels are correct, but an actual, real physical, I can’t remember the last time I had one of those. Well, the results were that I’m pretty healthy. My cholesterol has actually come down quite a bit over the last year or so (was somewhat high, but is now normal). My BP was something like 100/60. Everything else was great, but I brought up the insomnia and how it is affecting my ongoing quality of life. The doctor seems to think that it is hormones (I’ve been thinking that too). Fine, but do I really have to live like this? She mentioned that it was okay to continue to take Advil PM or Unisom or some other OTC stuff. Great. But then I asked, “Well, could you prescribe Ambien to me?” She looked at me for a beat and then said, “Sure. I could do that.”

So with an official prescription in my greedy little hand, I trundled off to the pharmacy and got it filled. I decided to take it for the first time on Friday night since I didn’t know how it was going to affect me and I preferred to sort that out on a weekend, rather than struggling to be at work or something while under the influence. Well. Let me say that I had just about the best nights sleep that I can remember ever. I took the pill right before I was to climb into bed (I had visions of otherwise falling asleep and drooling on my couch with all the lights and TV on, etc.). I remember turning off the light and then nothing at all else until about 5 AM when I very naturally and gradually woke up. No repeated trips to the bathroom (which even happens when I’ve taken Advil PM), no waking up to see the clock and going back to sleep (ditto), no repeatedly changing positions in the bed. Just deep, blissful sleep. Once 5 AM hit, I was able to sleep lightly for another couple of hours, it just wasn’t the deep sleep that I had for the rest of the night. When I was up for the day I felt no residual tiredness or sleepiness. No sleep hangover. I felt awake and refreshed and was not looking for a nap suddenly later in the day.

So, for me, I conclude that Ambien is BRILLIANT! I can’t believe I’ve lived in this misery and that I’ve waited this long to ask about it. Now I am in dire fear that my doctor and/or insurance company will someday become stingy with the prescription! ACCCCCCKKKKK!

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