Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another Ruby Ride

Another nice ride on Ruby today. I'm still keeping it loose and easy. We're not working too hard, just some trot work, some canter work with a lot of walking in between. Trying to get more consistent with everything, but more importantly, we're getting to know each other. Even though we didn't really work very hard, I rode Ruby for a long time. About an hour and a half, I think. I also did a bunch of socializing with other people from the barn while sitting on her and watched a couple of lessons (I love to watch lessons, I usually end up learning something). I definitely felt much more comfortable and relaxed today and completely happy to be hanging out at the barn while sitting on her.

I sent in an application for Ruby to compete in a sanctioned HT in a couple of weeks. Alison is going to ride her. It will help give her some mileage so that once I'm ready to ride in HTs myself, at least one of us will know what we're doing!

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