Sunday, April 19, 2009

Horse Tack

I think I'm addicted to horse tack. I keep looking at stuff online and shopping for it and buying bits & pieces of it. So far I have bought or ordered:

* A saddle (on eBay a couple of weeks ago -- I hope it works for both Ruby and for me).
* A bridle (on order, hopefully will be here by tomorrow).
* A bit.
* A girth (hopefully arriving with the bridle & bit).
* A breast plate.
* Galloping boots.
* Various saddle & wither pads.
* A pair of reins (nicer than the ones that come with the bridle), purchased on my way home from Boston today.

In addition to the above are also sundry items like fly spray, turnout sheet and other stuff.

Oddly, I have not purchased one article of clothing for myself (either for work or for play) for the new season. That's extremely unusual.

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