Thursday, April 30, 2009

Louie, Louie

In an odd twist, I had an email from the owner of the thoroughbred that had I tried a few weeks before buying Ruby. The owner at that time was going to give me a trial with him and then at the last minute backed out, claiming that she had decided to sell him to someone else. Well, it turns out that the sale fell through and she wants to know if I'm still interested. She admits in her note that the other buyer was offering her more money, but the vetting wasn't very clean which scared the buyer off. I'm not sure if I wouldn't have walked with the vetting issues too, but that ship sailed anyway when I bought Ruby (and I'm very happy with my decision!) Still, it's funny how things work out. I was pretty disappointed at the time when the trial with Louie fell through. I think I'll forward her email to Alison & Ann anyway, perhaps there is someone else in the barn for whom Louie is suitable. Maybe the owner would consider a lease.

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