Monday, September 25, 2006

There's a New Bitch in Town

I moved to a new cube today on the other floor in this newly built and configured office space. I actually like the cube and the way the space is all laid out, however, I seem to have the misfortune to have been placed right in just about the highest traffic area, right in the middle, outside of the pantry and at the convergence of a number main thoroughfare aisles. As a result, today there were multiple loud impromptu meetings that seemed to happen with the attendees all pretty much standing right over my desk. It was horrible.

Meeting number one: more and more people kept joining in the fray, with multiple loud exclamations to colleagues across the floor. When about 20 minutes of dirty looks didn't seem to clue this group in to the fact that they were being incredibly loud and inconsiderate, I finally had to speak up and let them know that they were being too loud and that I couldn't concentrate on my work (I mean, my headphones didn't even block them out).

Meeting number two: was smaller but even more incredibly rude as the two participants literally leaned against my cube walls, facing each other and talking to each other across my cube while using my wall as a kind of bar on which to rest their coffee. I had to point out the obvious and say, "um, this is my WORK SPACE, do you mind???"

There were other examples of interruptions and loud inconsideration, but these are the two I chose to respond to.

I am hoping that today was just an exception since every one was just moving in and getting settled into the space. Possibly today was just some kind of fluke and the normal day-to-day won't be so bad, but I may have to try and move my space if this continues. I just can't stand noise!

Anyway, I'm sure I've made a wonderful impression now as the biggest bitch on the floor with my multiple hissy fits today. What a way to make a first impression in a new work space.


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