Thursday, October 23, 2003

So another New York Marathon approaches and another year wraps up during which I could have re-established my running program. The NYCM always brings these feelings of regret to the surface. The year I trained for and ran the NYCM (1999) was among the happiest and most memorable of my life. In hindsight. At the time I was exhausted, and most likely overwhelmed, but I can only look back fondly. I'm older now and heavier and no longer living next to Central Park, so it is definitely much more difficult to train. Difficult, but not impossible. Besides, running the marathon doesn't necessarily have to be a goal (it's just an inspiration to get and keep a running program going), just being in reasonable running shape with a consistant schedule would be fantastic. Looking at the bright side, I am a lot farther along now, than I was this time last year. I do get out there and run (sometimes). I'm pretty good about making two spinning classes a week. Weights twice a week. I just need to do more of all of this. Running at night is not so easy in Kew Gardens once the days get shorter, but that doesn't mean that I can't run in the mornings, or after work in Central Park, or along the Hudson Bike Path. I just need to get myself out there. Also, my biggest pitfalls (for some reason) are weekends. I am the most incredible lazy-ass on the weekends, it's unbelievable.

So, tonight is spinning. I will go to spinning. And do some upper body weights. Tomorrow I told Carolina that I would have dinner with her and watch a movie, but I can maybe hit our apartment building gym first. Even if it's only for a half an hour. Or take Lola for a quick run/walk. But Saturday I vow to do something! So somebody please hold me to it...

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