Friday, October 10, 2003

So I took Lares out for a birthday drink tonight. He really seemed down in the dumps on Tuesday (his actual birthday) so I offered to buy him a couple tonight. I think he misses the good ol' days when he and I and Chrissy and Psycho and Sergey (Psycho II) used to hang out on a regular basis. Now Chrissy is working on her second kid, Psycho is a housewife in NJ, Sergey is driving 'ho's around Brooklyn (don't even ask, I really have no idea) and I am just old and boring. Amazing how life changes so quickly, all of this was really at the most three years ago. Anyway, we had a good time at the newly made-over and mod Niles bar. Lou also stopped by for a beer. Both guys commented on how "white" everything is. I just liked it because there is now more bar space. And the bartender bought a round. And there was free hot wings. What more could you ask?

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