Thursday, April 27, 2006

Been So Long

Since I've written. In the time since I last posted, I have moved everything out of my NY apartment, moved everything out of the corporate apartment and moved into a new apartment in my complex. I've also written 1,000s of lines of BI code, been to numerous meetings, watched a bunch of movies, picked about 4 or 5 ticks off the dog (and one off of myself), seen one tiny yellow frog (sitting on the glass back door apartment building entrance), had one dinner w/ Carolina & Janos in NYC (with a number of vodka/sodas), driven 100s of miles , missed one dinner with my cousins, had one big fight with my father (we're still not talking), bought one Bose iPod docking speaker thingie, stressed & fretted for endless hours over my work at New Company. I guess that's been my life lately in a nutshell.

I'm starting to enjoy the nice weather here in New Hampshire. In NYC, by now I would be starting to really dread the coming hot weather, but not so here. Of course, we'll see what the reality of a Summer in Southern New Hampshire is really like, but I'm optimistic so far.

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