Saturday, April 01, 2006

I know it's been a long time since I have written. Life has been generally busy here and in my down time, I've been rather tired and not inclined to sit and blog about my day.

Anyway, work is going generally pretty well, I think. This was a particularly good week as I feel I've made a lot of progress on some stuff, and have gotten some things figured out. It makes me feel encouraged anyway. I'm hoping the rest of my team will feel the same way, once we come down to meeting about the progress of the work.

Dealing with the formality of the organization continues to be a source of frustration. There are so many elements and layers at New Company to getting stuff sorted out (that in my old job wouldn't have been a big part of my job). For instance, every time we upgrade our reporting software to a new release, there are big security implications that I am somehow expected to know how to negotiate. The security area is managed by a completely different department and getting myself and users access every time there is a change has become a bit of a nightmare. It's just one of those administrative complications that will probably end up being not such a big deal once I get it figured out, but in the meantime, it's got me crazy. At Old Company, this sort of thing would have been resolved by my walking over to the office of whomever handled this sort of thing (which would probably be right around the corner from my desk), explaining my problem and having it fixed, figured out, whatever. Another source of frustration is the shifting roles of people in the various areas of my project. When I started, we had a tech project manager who was a very pro-active liaison between all the various areas (the business, the production tech group, the security people, my team, etc.) she has since been promoted into a new role with the business and the guy who has replaced her, while very nice and approachable, has not been very much help at all. To the point where I've had to take over some of the roles that the former PM used to provide (for instance the security thing). I think all-in-all, it represents an actual opportunity for me (and I view it as such), but it does add some stress and frustration on to my day. But all of this is the sort of thing that comes with starting in a new company and so is part of the adjustment process.

I am now actually looking forward to moving into the new apartment. With the weather starting to turn nice, I think I will enjoy sitting out on my little deck and since the new apartment is on the top floor, I think I will find this even more pleasurable there. Additionally, there is a little playground outside of the apartment that I'm in now and with the nicer weather, the kids are starting to crawl out of the woodwork and play there. And anyone who knows me knows that I really don't enjoy the sound of screaming kids. So, having my sliding door open and enjoy the nice fresh air, but have to listen to the screamers? or keep it closed? hmmmm, looking forward to that new place. I'm also looking forward to having my own furniture and stuff with me finally (thinking I should cave and buy a new, queen-sized, bed though). I am not looking forward to having to pay double housing costs however. Freaking, #&%@, slow-ass, useless co-op bastards! ARGH! Anyway.

After work one evening I took Lola for a walk around the area, since the weather was so gorgeous. We wandered down by the apartment building that we're moving to and discovered this great path/access road whatever. It's packed grass & dirt, runs along the river and looks like it goes for quite a ways. I think this will be a nice option for long walks now that Winter seems to be on the wane.

Anyway, so things are coming along here in NH. I need to seriously start thinking about finding a permanent living solution, but at least I'll have my own apartment shortly. I also have to start calling the various utility companies to arrange electricity, cable, etc. btw, anyone have any opinions of cable (Comcast) vs. DirecTV?

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