Saturday, April 29, 2006

My New Apartment

So, I'm really liking my new apartment. Even though it's basically the same layout as the corporate apartment that I was living in for 3+ months, it seems somehow nicer. It's in a building that is a little removed from the rest of the apartment complex, the people who live here seem a little more established, permanent, etc. It's on the top (3rd) floor so I get a ton of sunlight and it's nice to be able to sit out on the little deck and watch the world go by a bit. The Heritage Trail is literally out the back door, so that's an added bonus. The corporate apartment was on the first floor and right across the parking lot from the club house, so I tended not to open the blinds too much, and I never once opened the shade in the bedroom. It was a bit like living in a cave, which was okay for the dark Winter months. But now that the weather is turning nice, it's a pleasure to live in a light, airy place. Lola is enjoying it too, it took her a while to become comfortable with the deck, but now that she is, she likes to patrol the "neighborhood" by announcing her presence from the deck to other dogs who happen to pass by. Anyway, I like it here and, unlike every apartment I've ever lived in, in NYC (or environs), I never hear my neighbors and can thus feel comfortable that they're not really hearing me. There have been a few times that I've gone out into the hall and been amazed that my direct nextdoor neighbor is blaring their TV. I never would have known from inside my place. I am comfortable enough here that I've actually even hung pictures! Amazing. Seriously.

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