Sunday, April 02, 2006


So apparently that trail/access road/path that I found behind my new apartment building is no such thing afterall. Apparently it is part of the Heritage Trail! I guess the thing goes on for about two hundred miles or so. More than long enough for a long walk or run, I would think.

I took Lola for a walk on it this afternoon and it really was quite nice. We ran into a couple of other people out walking dogs and a couple of people running, but otherwise we had the whole trail to ourselves. We only went a couple of miles because the stupid socks I was wearing kept working their way down underneath the bottom of my feet. So irritating. I just don't know what I did with all the Thorlo Socks I used to own, but the socks currently at my disposal are just not going to cut it at all (they have to be demoted to gym-only socks, I think). Anyway, other than the discomfort and annoyance of having to constantly stop and yank my socks back up around my ankles, it was a very nice walk and one I hope to do often.

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