Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I think I mentioned before that the business side of the project that I'm working on at New Company had asked that I sit on the trading desk once in a while, in an effort to maintain ongoing communication and a working dialog between myself and the trader who is driving the requirements for the project. So, I've taken to sitting out there in the afternoons for a few hours. Anyway, today this guy who works on the floor (completely unrelated to my project) approached me, introduced himself, said that he has noticed that I had been working on the Floor lately and then asked if I was from "Compliance". It took me a beat, but I finally realized that the man thought I was a spy. Me!!! Anyway, I had to laugh and tell him that no, I was just working on a project with one of the traders. Now I have to wonder about how long this guy has been twisting in the wind thinking that I'm sitting behind him hovering over all the doings in the area.

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