Friday, February 13, 2009

And Yet Another Thing that I'll Never Understand

Okay, I do not understand THIS. This guy dupes an elderly woman into letting him in her home and he robs her. That part, I understand. What I don't get (and will never get) is what she was doing with $1,800 lying around her house? I hear these stories all the time, people who are robbed of thousands from their homes. Do that many people really have that much cash lying around their homes? I don't get it. I'm lucky if I have maybe $20-$40 in my house at any given time.

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Anonymous said...

Old people have a ton of cash. When my wife's grandmother died they found rolls of cash stashed in shirt sleeves in her closet. They lived back in the days were bands closed and their money was gone. Kind of like what is going to happen to us in a few years.