Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things that I’ll never understand

• “Dancing with the Stars”. I just don’t get it.
• I’ll confess, I really don’t get “American Idol” all that much either.
• Game shows.
• Nascar
• Many women’s obsession with babies.
• Same with the fascination for children and anything kid-related.
• The Discovery Health Channel. Why not just call it the “All Pregnancy and All Baby All the Time” channel? Because apparently by “Health” they really mean as long as it pertains to pregnancy and babies and nothing else.
• “Lost”. I rented the first season once and tried to love it, but I just couldn’t get into it.
• Morgan Freeman. Completely over-rated actor, I feel.
• Blond hair. Why it is so desirable by so many.
• Big boobs. Why so many (male AND female) find huge knockers so desirable and attractive.
• Running skirts.
• Club music, especially in non-club settings.
• Same with Techno music. Why, why, why?
• Baby showers. Never, ever again.
• Gossip magazines and obsession with celebrity.
• Hard Rock Café and similar “theme” restaurants.
• Wal-Mart
• The Oscars
• The Super Bowl
• The World Series
• Obsessively watching sports one doesn’t actually do.
• Why smart and otherwise reasonable men are sometimes attracted to silly and helpless women. Thinking of my father with his “new” wife here.
• Why smart and otherwise reasonable women are very often attracted to assholes.
• Pointy toed shoes. No thanks.
• Hummers. Where in life is this car really necessary?
• Tattoos. Sorry, I can appreciate that people like them, but I just don’t get it myself.
• Macaroni & Cheese. Blech.
• Video / computer games. Actually, this one I do get, I just stay far, far away because I’m sure I could so easily get dragged into that huge time suck.
• Paying for (bottled) water. I just can’t do it (or I do it very rarely anyway and it will always piss me off).
• Why, on “Grey’s Anatomy”, they had to make the heavier girl and the unattractive girl lesbians? Because of course if you’re heavy or unattractive, you must be a lesbian. In TV Land anyway. This is, at the very least marginalizing, and at most insulting to heavy & unattractive girls and lesbians everywhere. Sheesh.
• Camping.
• People who don’t signal while driving. I mean, what’s that all about? Do they think it’s too much effort?
• Holiday or theme sweaters.
• Flavored coffees.


Linda S. said...

I am with you on about 90% of this list. I was blonde as a young child, my hair darkened a lot. I colored it red for years but the maintenance on that was pretty hard. My hairline in front is very very grey and blonde is a lot easier to let go an extra week without coloring than a darker color would be. but yeah, a lot of women go too far with the blonde and would be more attactive as brunettes. I watch the Oscars for the dresses. But you are right on all the rest of the list!

deborah said...

I guess I should clarify. I really have nothing against blondes at all. I just don't understand why this is so much more desirable than any other hair color. I usually find darker hair more attractive in general, but it usually depends on what suits the individual person for the most part.

lrider said...

yes, there's so much more to a person than your hair color. I remember seeing a while back an article in a magazine of celebrities as blondes and with darker hair and several of them looked way more interesting with dark hair. There is a look that a lot of women seem to aspire to with blonde hair that is so generic looking.