Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Body is Whack.

So after yesterday's debacle of weigh-ins, I weighed in this morning exactly two pounds less than I did yesterday morning. 2. Pounds. Of course I know that I did not lose two real pounds in one day, which means that my body has been holding on to two extra pounds of water for, what? Four days or something? That's just ... F*ed up. Seriously. Whatever, I'm sure I'll be watching these same two pounds fluctuate for yet another week. I'm half tempted to call my Jenny Craig counselor and tell her about it, so that she doesn't think I'm a complete loser. This is causing such a roller coaster of emotions for me lately, I really need to get over myself. Okay, enough obsessing about the scale, for the next couple of days anyway. Sheesh.

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TBatX said...

You're doing good!! Keep your chin up, and what you write is exactly right... you can't obsess too much over the scale! You are doing everything you can, just give it time. Keep in mind as you build fitness your body may change more than the number on the scale reflects. If you are putting on muscle as you lose fat, the scale will not show you that. Be patient and watch how your body changes despite what the scale says on any given day :)