Tuesday, June 03, 2014

CrossFit: 06/03/2014 -- Killer Workout!

Let me just start by saying that I absolutely did not want to go to CrossFit tonight. I was really dreading it. But I also knew that I would be very disappointed with myself if I didn't. So, I went and it was unbelievably tough. It's probably a good thing that I didn't look up the workout ahead of time. I'm very glad that I went, but there were a few points during the WOD when I questioned whether I was going to make it!


Repeats of:

1:00 Jump Rope (the stupid jump rope again!)
:30 Lunge Steps
:30 High Knees (basically, running in place, but bringing up your knees as high as you can)
Note: I can't remember how long we did these repeats, I want to say 15 minutes, but I am feeling a bit addled at this point!

What I did: The SAME! Yes! I know it doesn't sound like much, but this warm-up was HARD. Also, I find that I am already getting better at the jump rope. I'm smoother and more efficient and I don't seem to panic as much. I can pump out about 10-15 jumps now before screwing it up. 

Barbell warm-up led by coach:

3 Rounds of:
5 Hang Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
5 Full Cleans

What I did: Same.


Couch Stretch
Super Front Rack/Banded Shoulder
Pec Opener (on wall)
T-Spine/Lat Smash
Quad/Hamstring Smash

What I did: Couch Stretch, some hip complex and foam roller for my upper-hip/lower-back.

Performance WOD:

A. Clean Complex (12:00 to go heavy)

What I did: Power Cleans starting with the 15lb bar and finishing with 35lbs. 

B. 15-12-9-6-3 for Time:
Power Cleans (115lb men/75lb women)
* 200m run after each round.
Note: Let me explain, just so we are clear. 15 reps of Power Clean lifts. 15 Burpees. Run 200 meters outside. 12 reps of Power Clean lifts. 12 Burpees. Run 200 meters. 9 reps of Power Clean lifts. 9 Burpees. Run 200 meters. 6 Power Clean lifts. 6 Burpees. Run 200 meters. 3 Power Clean lifts. 3 Burpees. Run 200 meters. Yeah, that's right.

What I did: THE SAME!!!!! Yes! Okay, not quite. I did the Power Cleans, but at 35 lbs. And I walked 100 meters/ran 100 meters for each of the run repeats. But I got through it and did all the intervals so, yay me. Of course I was DFL (Dead Fucking Last), but I don't even care. Yeah, that's right. 

Okay, so there I was at the end, pouring sweat, gasping for air, sitting on the rowing machine just to sit and try to recover and Coach Jen comes over and says, "so, you know that there is a Cash Out Workout tonight, right?" WHAT???? No, WTF is that??? She told me that she would let me off the hook, but it was either run or row for 4 minutes. Seriously??? Okay, so I rowed for the 4 minutes.

Killer workout. I think this was the hardest one yet.

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