Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Swampy Humidity: CrossFit 06/17/2014

Our gorgeous New Hampshire June weather started to turn humid last night. By this afternoon it was about 90° and oppressive. It was so uncomfortable by this evening that this was one of the CrossFit sessions that I went to with dragging feet. Surprisingly, it actually ended up being a workout that I really enjoyed. Shocking!

Posted workout for Tuesday, June 17th:


4 Rounds:

:15 Jump Rope
:15 Burpees
:15 Air Squats
:15 Divebombers (no idea what this is)

What I did: Coach Jen suggested the class run 600 meters instead to get out of the hot gym. I decided to row instead to save my ankles since I really haven't done my usual slow build-up to running back-to-back days and we ran last night. Rowed 800 meters. 

2 Rounds of Barbell Warm-Up, led by coach:

5 Deadlifts
Hang Power Cleans
5 Front Squats
Squat Cleans

What I did: Same. 


Hip Mobility Complex
High Hamstring (on box)
Super Front Rack
Tricep/Lat Smash (barbell on rack)
Additional Mashing as needed

What I did: Same. 

Performance / WOD:

A. Squat/Power Clean - 10:00 to build to a heavy single for the day. Translation: Your choice of Squat Cleans or Power Cleans. 10 minutes to build up to your heavy single for the day. Note: Not expected to be your 1 rep maximum.

What I did: Power Cleans, started at 35lbs, ended at 55lbs for the single heavy. (I didn't keep track of how many overall reps I did, but I did reps at 35, 45 and then the 1 at 55lbs.)

B. EMOM x5 x2 TnG Power/Squat Cleans at 80% of A. Translation: Every Minute on the Minute for 5 rounds, do two reps of Touch-and-Go (touch the bar to the ground between each of the 2 reps) Power or Squat Clean (whatever you worked on during "A") at 80% of the weight you did for your single heavy.

What I did: Okay, first of all, having to do math while trying to workout kind of makes me panic! I did the EMOM x5 x2 TnG Power Cleans at 45lbs. 

C. AMRAP 12:00: Translation: As Many Reps As Possible in 12 minutes.
10/10/10, 20/20/20, 30/30/30, etc. (climbing by 10s each interval round):
Kettlebell Swings
Double Unders
(If you don't have Double Unders, do triple the amount of singles)

What I did: In the 12 minutes, I got through the 10, 20, 30 and 33 reps of Kettlebells (18lbs); 10, 20, 30 Push-Ups (off of a 20" box); 10, 20, 30 of the jump rope (singles not Double Unders). Note: I did not triple my singles (and Coach Jen agreed) as I would never have been able to move on from the first set of reps. 

Let me tell you about that jump rope. When I had to do it for my first group CrossFit class, I could barely do one or two at a time. Tonight I was stringing together 15-20 at once before screwing up! I really am amazed at how much better I've gotten at it. I am still a long way away from being able to do Double Unders, but I am encouraged that I've improved at this one thing as much as I have. In this case, it's more a case of getting the technique down a bit and not panicking, rather than any kind of endurance improvement, but I at least feel a little better about the jump rope now. I also have to wonder, what has happened to me that I am thinking of getting a jump rope to practice with at home. WHAAAAT???

D. Cash Out: 2 Minutes of Max Sit-Ups

What I did: 35 Sit-Ups in 2 minutes. Starting off I thought, 'this is going to be easy.' By the 18th Sit-Up I was singing a different tune. 

Additional Notes:

  • Somewhere during the WOD, I forgot to be miserable in the heat & humidity. Hmmmm. 
  • The Kettlebells seemed okay while I was doing them but, I think this is going to be one of those things that sneaks up on me and makes me very sore later. 
  • Coach Jen said that my Power Cleans are starting to look good, so I guess I'm getting the hang of some of the technique. I don't feel comfortable doing a Squat Clean with weight yet, I can't really even do it fully with just the 15lb bar. 
  • I'm really proud of that stupid jump rope. 

At some point during our session there was a woman standing in the corner near the rowing machines watching our workout. When I was getting ready to leave and I saw Coach Jen talking to her, I realized that she was there for her 1:1 ramp-up session (and from what Jen was saying, I think it was her first session). Wow, that was me about 5 weeks ago or so. I remember how scared and overwhelmed I felt. 

Coach Jen:

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