Tuesday, June 24, 2014

If It's Humid, It Must Be Tuesday: CrossFit 06/24/2014

It always seems to be pretty muggy for CrossFit on Tuesday and today was no exception. I sure was tired walking into the box today. I had very poor sleep last night so I was dragging. I am proud of myself for even getting myself there tonight.

Posted workout for Tuesday, June 24th:


Jump Rope 3 x :45 on/:15 rest (Translation: jump rope for 3 minutes, sets of 45 seconds, with 15 seconds of rest between each set).

What I did: Same. My fatigue really showed as I was only stumbling through about 5 jumps at a time before screwing up. On Friday I was stringing together 20 at a time, but tonight it was a real struggle. 


Hip Mobility Complex
Kicks (front, back, side)
Super Front Rack (band or dowel)
Banded Overhead

What I did: Same. 

Barbell Warm-Up, led by coach:

10 Deadlifts
10 Hang Power Cleans
10 Lunge Steps (5 per side)
10 Front Squats
10 Squat Cleans

What I did: Same, except I only did a couple of the Squat Cleans. I can't really do them (at least with the 35lb barbell) very well yet and Coach Jen wanted me to work on my Power Cleans. 

Performance / WOD:

A. Clean Complex 12:00 to build to a heavy set of 1 Squat Clean + 1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 TnG (touch-n-go) Squat Clean

What I did: Hang Power Cleans at 55lbs. I was really feeling it tonight, so I found it a struggle just to do it right. 

B. 4 Rounds for Time:

28 Double-Unders (84 Singles)
14 Push-Ups
7 Power Cleans (women 95lbs)

What I did: 4 Rounds of 28 jump rope singles (again, I was really feeling my fatigue, I had a bit of trouble busting them out without screwing it up), 14 Push-Ups from a box, 7 Power Cleans at 55lbs. 

My time for the above was 9:47.

C. Cash Out: Airdyne (bike) 5 x :20 max effort, rest 2:00 between (Translation: Sprint all out on the Airdyne Bike for 20 seconds, rest for 2 minutes. Do this 5 times).

What I did: Same. 

I'm really glad that I went tonight and I was very glad when it was over! Some of these "rounds for time" WODs, I get to the second set of intervals and think to myself, 'how am I going to get through ALL of them???' But I manage it somehow. I guess there is a lesson there somehow.

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