Monday, June 16, 2014

Running and Thrusters, Oh My! : CrossFit 06/16/2014

It's never a good sign when I pull up to CrossFit Earned and see people running up and down the road. Uh, oh, must mean that running is going to be part of the WOD -- greeeeeat.

Posted workout for Monday, June 16th:


Run or row 400 meters

What I did: Row (I'm not stupid, I knew there would be running later). 

2 rounds of:
20 Sit-Ups
15 Pushups
10 Jump Squats

What I did: Same, except pushups off of a box. 


Banded Hip
Couch Stretch
Overhead Band
T-Spine/Quad/Hamstring Smash

What I did: Same, except for the smash thing. 

Performance / WOD:

A. HBBS 5x5 @80% (Translation: High Bar Back Squat 5 reps, 5 times at 80% of your max 1 rep weight).

What I did: I don't really have a 1 rep max yet, so I'm winging it a bit. I'm also still trying to get the form of most of these reps right still. The last time I did this lift I did reps of 35lbs. Tonight I did 55lbs. Most of the women were lifting 100lbs MORE than this. Wow. 

B. 3 RFT (3 Rounds for Time)
400 meter Run
15 Thrusters (95lb men / 65lb women)
15 Pull-Ups

What I did: Well, I was able to run the first 400m repeat without walking. Did I mention that the first 200m of it was ALL uphill? Yeah, that was special. I did the Thrusters, but with just the 15lb bar, no additional weight (still it's an improvement. When I did Thrusters in my ramp-up, I had to do the squatting bit into a sit on a bench. Humiliating.) Instead of Pull-Ups I did Ring Rows. Again. One of these days I'll get around to trying a banded pull-up again. Hopefully I'll be able to do those someday. I'm not even going to think about regular pull-ups right now. On the 2nd and 3rd rounds of the 400m run, I had to walk up the hill, but I still did a fair amount of running. Slow, but running. 

My time for the WOD was 16:09. For once I wasn't DFL. However, it's not really a fair comparison as I was able to do the ring rows faster than most of the people doing pull-ups. And the 15lb Thrusters was of course easier too. 

C. Cash Out: TGU x 20 Reps (10 per side) - Translation TGU = Turkish Get-Up.

What I did: Well, I couldn't do it. I did 3 not quite right TGUs on one side. 

I have to ask myself: "How's that running program working out for you so far?" Eh, not very well, obviously. Especially as I haven't started it yet. Definitely got to get moving on that.

Another workout in the bank.

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