Friday, March 18, 2005

Ah... Spinning

Finally got back to a Spinning class last night and it felt very good indeed. I especially needed it yesterday as I had a horribly bad day at work. Terrible, terrible day. The beer after Spinning was a welcome bonus as well. Of course, yesterday being St. Patrick's Day, I had to contend with all the drunks coming home on the crowded trains. I found a place to sit on a 3-seater with a bunch of people who had obviously been partying all day long. They kept asking me questions and engaging me in conversation and I was just not in the mood at all. Finally, the one guy (drunkest of the lot) put his head on my shoulder, presumably because he could no longer hold it upright. If I hadn't been in such a bad mood I might have found all of this amusing, however as it was, I was very happy to only have to be on that train for fifteen minutes or so. At least no one threw up on me, so that's a plus.

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