Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A Little Bit of Running Progress: CrossFit 07/09/2014

I don't normally go to CrossFit on Wednesdays as this is usually a riding lesson night for me. Riding was canceled today, however, as my barn was hosting a horse trial/show. I had also told someone at the barn that they could take Ruby to the show. I figured that it is probably good to go to CrossFit on different nights sometimes as each day of the week seems to have a different focus (Monday is High Bar Back Squats, Tuesday is Dead Lifts, Friday is Team Day, etc.) So, it's a good thing to get in some different strength practice. The WOD, is constantly varied, so that is always going to be a shake-up, regardless of what day of the week you choose to go! But the strength focus does have some structure throughout the week.

Posted workout for Wednesday, July 9th:


Run 600 meters

What I did: Same. And I ran ... Every. Step. The last time I did this loop (oh, probably about a month or so ago), I had to walk a bunch. Not tonight, I ran the whole way. And it also included that (-stupid ass-) hill. I actually set out for my running loop early, before the rest of the class started their warm-up because I'm so slow and I really just wanted to focus. I felt this was the right strategy and so will probably do that again when there is a run scheduled for the warm-up. Anyway, I'm happy that I've made this bit of progress. On a downer note, my left achilles has been a bit sore for a few weeks from the running, so I would be happy if I wasn't dealing with that. But I'm encouraged that the running has gotten a bit better overall. Especially as I am not really working through any real running program. 

Reps of 15-10-5:

Wall Balls: No Squat
Double Unders/Triple the # of reps, if you do singles

What I did: Same -- including the tripling of singles! Progress! (of course there was no real time cap, so that helped)

Performance / WOD:

A (Strength). Push Press 1RM (Translation: Work up to your 1 rep maximum for the Push Press).

What I did: I hadn't done the Push Press since my Ramp Up, so I had Coach Ben review the movement with me first. I decided to go back to the 15lb training bar for this, since I hadn't done it in a long time (I have been using the 33lb bar for the lifts I do every week). I started with just the bar and then worked my way up to 65lbs. My one rep with 65lbs was a bit shaky, so I rested a bit and tried again. The next one was marginally better, but not perfect. Anyway, I am calling my one rep max for the Push Press 65lbs. I'll work from that baseline for this lift. 

B (WOD). "Dancing Deb"

(Editorial Note: Cute title, but I am sure that they didn't have me in mind when they named the workout. Actually, I think I saw something on Facebook about a "Deb" who works out in one of the morning classes, so I am sure it was named for her. Anyway, I digress ... )

5 RFT: (Translation: 5 Rounds for Time)

10 Kettlebell Swings (53lbs men/35lbs women)
10 Box Jumps (24" men/20" women)
10 Push Ups

What I did: 5 rounds of: 10 Kettlebell Swings, 18lb kettlebell (Note: I should have used a heavier one), 10 "Box" jumps -- for me this was two 45lb stacked plates (Note: those freaking box jumps scare me!), 10 Push Ups from the knees (Note: this was the first round of Push Ups I've done at CrossFit where I haven't pushed up from a box or a bench. A comment about the CF Push Ups: The reason I've been doing them from a box is because CF wants you to do a Push Up that works the triceps more than your traditional variety. So, you are required to have your hands closer together under your chest. These are HARD! I can do the regular Push Ups, sort of, but the CF Push Ups are harder and so I've been scaling them with the box until now). 

My time was my score: 7:22.

C (Cash Out). 5x300 meter row

What I did: Same. 

I have to say again that I am pretty happy that the running has gotten a little better. I think if I could follow through with my plans and do a few runs during the week that it will only help me. I've been doing some active trail walks with my dogs and did run on my treadmill last night for two miles (alternating 1 minute walking with 1 minute running for the session), but I have to motivate myself to do a little more. Not a lot, but a little. I think three times a week for 30-40 minutes would be perfect for where I am right now.

A final note about my jump rope: I FLOVE it! I know it was pricey, but I think it was worth it. And I really like having my own jump rope for the workouts. Plus, it's snazzy!

Another workout in the bank.

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