Friday, July 18, 2014

"Elizabeth" is a Bitch: CrossFit 07/18/2014

Another week where I blew off one of my CrossFit days. I really need to get my act together. Of course, the day I skipped (Tuesday) we had severe thunderstorms blowing through with tornado warnings, so I was a bit distracted (and, not to mention, freaked out), but still. I need to suck it UP!

Friday is usually Team Night, but there weren't a lot of people around tonight as everyone is on a gym camping trip, so we got a Benchmark workout instead. This was one of those, be-careful-what-you-wish-for situations (yes, I had wished earlier that it wasn't Team Night).

Posted workout for Friday, July 18th:


EMOM x5 (Translation: Every minute, on the minute, 5 repeats):

5 Burpees
10 Air Squats

What I did: Same. Coach Jen said that my Burpees have gotten more efficient! Imagine being excited about improving your Burpees? (Yes, I am that geek)

Squat Clean Drills:

1. Clean Pull x5-7 Reps
2. Hang Squat Clean x5-7 Reps
3. Squat Clean x3-5 Reps

What I did: Same. Actually, I was proud that I was able to do the Hang Squat Cleans and Squat Cleans because I've never been able to do more than one or two reps, even with just a dowel, so something has improved or clicked with me somehow. 

Performance / WOD: 

(Editorial Note: Talk about shit getting real.)


21-15-9 for time (Translation: 21 reps, then 15 reps, then 9 reps. Your time is your score.):

Squat Cleans (135lbs men/95lbs women)
Ring Dips

What I did: First of all ... it sounds "easy", right? That's what I thought, 'oh sure, no running, no jump rope, no wall balls or pull-ups or (insert whatever crazy interval we've done before)'. Well, let me tell you, those Squat Cleans are INSANE. I used 35lbs for my lifts. I struggled through the first 5 reps of the first set and thought to myself, 'I'm not going to be able to get through this!' I took lots of breaks, but kept going back to the bar. I worked through and did the 21. Not sure how long that first bit took me, but it felt like for forever! Instead of Ring Dips, Coach Jen had me do tricep dips which were freaking HARD! (Can't imagine how hard those Ring Dips must be). Anyway, I did it all, I managed to get through it, not sure how, but I did it. I took breaks as I needed to, but kept at it and finished complete rounds of 21-15-9. Those Squat Cleans are killer. 

My score was my time: 12:42. (Can't believe all of that was under 15 minutes. If there had been no clock, I would have sworn that workout was 30 minutes or something.)

My Own Personal Cash-Out: I came home and did repeats of walk/jog (alternates of 1 minute) for 1 mile. 

Some Additional Notes:

  • A Note about Benchmark WODs: The benchmarks are scheduled from time-to-time (but fairly infrequently) and are meant to be a bit of a test to see where you are. So, for example, tonight's benchmark "Elizabeth", I know that it took me 12:42 to do it, but I also didn't Rx (do the workout as prescribed). Next time I do "Elizabeth", whether it comes up a few months or a year from now, I'll be able to see how I've improved. 
  • The Benchmarks are also called "The Girls". They all have girl names. Like hurricanes. Once you do one you'll know why. Enough said. 
  • The last time I did Squat Cleans, I couldn't even really do them and that was only a warm-up! The fact that I was able to complete this workout and with some weight on the bar is a big deal for me. It's a big movement, doing the full range from floor to lift, to catch, to squat, so I'm excited to be getting there with this one. 
  • I've noticed that I suddenly have some trap development in my shoulders. 
  • Achilles Note: Yesterday I was still hobbling around with an extremely sore achilles. Every time I got up from my desk at work, I was literally limping around, and going down the stairs, I was babying my ankle by stepping down with my right foot only. Suddenly this morning it was a lot less sore (still sore, but not to the point where I was limping). I have no idea why, it's been sore for weeks! I rode last night, but I can't think how anything I did while riding might have helped it, but anyway, hopefully it's getting better now. 

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