Monday, July 07, 2014

Maxing the 1 Rep: CrossFit 07/07/2014

We had some crazy-hot weather last week. I'm talking in the high 90s and with oppressive humidity (over 70%). I just couldn't talk myself into crossfitting on Tuesday and Friday, the heat was beyond my ability to cope. Yes, I should really suck it up. I am definitely a heat wimp. Anyway, today it was extremely humid too and had been just about 90° during the day, but the temps had come down just enough that I was able to talk myself into going to CrossFit. Regardless of the weather, I probably would have gone anyway as I am worried about skipping too many at this stage. I don't want to lose momentum and I am worried that it would still be too easy to quit right now. I need this new program to be a deeply ingrained and an established part of my routine and it's too early to feel that I'm there yet. So, it was an extremely sweat flinging night, but I went and I got it done, so I'm happy.

Posted workout for Monday, July 7th:


Run or Row for 400 meters.

What I did: Ran for 400 meters (up the -stupid ass- hill and back). I'm actually a bit proud of myself for running when I could have rowed (a few people rowed, so I wouldn't have been the only one). I should make myself run more. 

2 Rounds of:

15 Air Squats
10 Push Ups
5 Ring Rows

What I did: The same, only push-ups from a bench. 

Performance / WOD:

A (Strength). HBBS - establish a new 1 RM!! (Translation: High Bar Back Squat. Work up to the highest weight you can do for 1 rep).

What I did: I shared my bar with Patty who is very knowledgeable about lifting and lifts some impressive numbers. She is also close to my age, so she is inspiring to me. Anyway, the last time I did an exercise with HBBS I worked up to 65lbs, but thought that I could handle more weight. Since the directive tonight was to work up to that 1 rep maximum, this was my opportunity to find it. Something that I had not yet done with any of the lifts. I started with the 65lbs, moved up to 85lbs pretty quickly after that. I was able to do 5 reps with 85, so I moved up to 105. I was able to do a few reps at that weight and so bumped it up to 115lbs. The first rep with the 115, I actually lost my balance a bit on the squat (and was very glad that Patty was there to help me!) But, I concentrated a bit, regained my focus and managed to do a good rep with the weight. So my 1 rep max for HBBS is now 115lbs. I will be working from that baseline for this lift now. 

B (WOD). "Crunchy Stuff"

5 RFT (15:00 Cap) -- (Translation: 5 rounds for time, cut-off at 15 minutes)

30 Double Unders
20 Wall Balls (20lb medicine ball men/14lb medicine ball women)
10 Ring Dips

What I did: I got to use my new jump rope! For the WODs that have called for Double Unders, I've been doing the same number prescribed, only in singles. To Rx (Translation: To do the WOD as prescribed), you're really supposed to triple the amount, if you are going to do singles. I am so bad at the jump rope that there is no way that I'll get through the rounds if I triple. Well, tonight, after a conversation with Coach Ben, I decided to compromise and double the DU reps for my singles (does that make sense?) I'm glad that I did as I managed to squeak them out!


I did 5 rounds of:
- 60 Singles (jump rope)
- 20 Wall Balls (10lb medicine ball)
- 10 Push Ups (from a box) -- Note: Coach Ben had suggested the Push Ups as a modification for Ring Dips. I'm not ready for those yet.

Best of all, I managed to do all 5 rounds! In 14:59, no less. Managed to just barely get in under the wire. Those last 5 Push Ups were pretty weak though, I have to admit. 

C (Cash Out). 2:00 Max Weighted Sit Ups (25lb men/15lb women)

What I did: 32 Sit Ups (no weight) in 2 minutes. Stupid Sit Ups. 

Another workout deposit in the bank.

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