Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Little Bit Excited

I had my painter by the other day to take a look at my two upstairs bathrooms so that he could do an estimate for me. I had been putting off doing anything about these rooms because I really want to renovate. But that would requite tile work and new cabinetry and counter-tops and fixtures and whatever. Which means a bunch of money. So I've been putting off the bathrooms until I had the money to do all that. Yet, this year I had said that I wasn't going to do any unnecessary home improvement projects. However, I think I just finally got really sick of looking at these horrible bathrooms, particularly my personal one, so I decided to compromise and at least paint. So, I gave the painter the green light and he's going to start on Monday! They'll look like completely different rooms after he gets done with them -- especially the master bath that is currently covered from ceiling to floor in battleship gray paint, with two walls in silver-gray wallpaper (you just gotta wonder what the people who did this were thinking). Anyway, If I remember, I'll take some before and after pictures. It's amazing how a small home facelift can also lift one's spirits a bit.


mizfit said...

Laughing at the mental image of the sivlergray wallpaper.

It's like a present!

deborah said...

I know, it's completely dreadful. It pisses me off every time I walk into the room.