Sunday, January 11, 2009

(New) Things I Love

Mario Badescu’sOlive Eye Cream”. I’ve tried a bunch of their eye creams, both through samples I’ve gotten or ordered and products that I’ve purchased and this is the winner out of all the ones I’ve tried. My skin is quite sensitive and I seem to have this chronic allergic issue with the skin around my eyes. From time to time it gets very irritated, red, puffy, flakey and itchy. When that happens it is a real struggle to get the flare-up to calm down. I’ve had it take MONTHS. I find, however, if I do stick to wholesome products and am diligent about using them, that this helps quite a bit. I had a flare-up in December and nothing helped and soothed my irritated skin like the Olive Eye Cream did. I am now a big fan.
LLBean Weather Finder. I finally broke down and bought one of these things. I don’t know why I resisted for so many years, it’s not as if they’re expensive or anything. Now I know exactly what the temperature is both outside and in at every moment. Additionally I know if the pressure is rising or falling and there is a little icon that indicates whether it’s clear or raining/snowing. Awesome.
Eddie Bauer flannel pajama bottoms. Usually I'm a yoga pant kind of girl, but I decided to buy a pair of these pajama bottoms a few weeks ago because they were on sale. Well. Ever since they arrived, when I’m hanging around at home, you won’t catch me out of them!
Mossimo sweaters from Target. These are thin, soft acrylic-blend sweaters that I found at Target. They’re pretty cheap (about $15) and very comfortable. Because they’re so cheap, I think nothing of wearing them for riding, they’re perfect for that. They’re also washable. So on a chilly night for riding, I can wear a long-sleeve t-shirt, a Mossimo sweater and a fleece zip-up vest and it’s PERFECT. And because the sweaters are pretty cheap and also washable, I don’t mind too much if they get dirty or a little wrecked at the barn. The Mossimo long-sleeve t-shirts are great in this regard too. They’re thin, so perfect for layering, they’re nice and long, so they come down over my butt and they’re cheap (like $4 or $5) so it’s easy to have a bunch of them and I don’t get too upset if one gets ruined.
Trader Joe’s Salsa Verde. I bought a jar of this about a month ago and loved it so much, I had been rationing it out to try and make it last. It’s light, not too spicy (but perfect when combined with a spicier salsa) and has a nice tangy lime-y flavor. I finally made it back to TJ’s and stocked up on four more jars.

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